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Butterflies is what i feel inside

Butterfly is one of the insect moth species.Butterfly type- There are many type of butterfly
According to the explorer is 17500 and around 750 species in the United States (UK)
Butterfly color - butterfly is of many colors king Butterfly found in North America. it's real Name is Monarch. The wings have a butterfly pattern of black and orange, for which it is famous. their wings are about 3.5-4 inches long.
King Butterfly
Green Jay Butterfly- found in the Philippines.their wings are 4 inches long. There are green spots on solid feather's,Causing them to disappear in to the leaves of the tree. 
Birth of a Butterfly - The butterfly is born form an egg. It lays it's egg under the leaf
Butterfly eggs
A few days latter, dodo emerge from the egg. Newborn Butterfly Discarding this shield. AT this time this newborn butterfly need to eat excessively and this insect also eats more . Sounds like a scorpion at the moment . It is often found in forests Discards another armor in fifteen to sixteen days and eat.s well and sleep excessively . Because the development of newborn butterfly is very fast at this time Even at this time, the spleen feels like a scorpion.
Brown buttrfly
After this the newborn butterfly renounces the third shell. This newborn butterfly seems like a butterfly at the moment. You can see and understand the entire process by watching this video

➤➤➤ Interesting facts about the butterfly
(1) If butterfly gets a chance,it can also sweat your blood and drink tears.
(2) Their are more than 25,000 types of the butterfly found in the world. It is found on every                      continent except Antarctica.
(3)  One can also be seen across the wings of the butterfly. The have 4 wings but the largest butterfly         on earth has 12 wings.
(4) Butterfly found in the Amazon forests are tortoiseshell eye pits to meet sodium deficiency in the          body.
(5) The butterfly also sucks the actor out of the flowers like a bee and lives.
(6) The life cycle of a butterfly is 15 to 1 month. But some butterflies live for 8 to 9 months.
 (7) The butterfly always lays eggs on the leaves. Butterfly finds out from her pore. Whether the leaf         is capable of laying eggs.
(8) The largest butterfly is about 12 inches. And the smallest butterfly is half an inch.
(9) Butterfly know the taste of anything with the help of their feet.
(10) Butterfly eye has 6000 lenses with the help of which ultraviolet can see even rays.
(11) Butterfly are cold blooded. Only then it can fly . When its body temperature is above 85.c                   F(29.c)
(12) There is also a butterfly named "89'98" on the earth . This butterfly is given this name because            its wings have 89 on one side and 98 on the other side.
(13) In the last 25 years more then 90% of the monarch Butterfly has disappeared.
(14) Almost butterfly flies at a speed of 17 ft/sec. But the Speaker butterfly flies so much. That can           also leave the horse behind.
 (15) Butterfly have an old relationship with us. The butterfly has been found printed in about 3500 old paintings of ancient Egypt.

big butterfly

small butterfly

normal butterfly
nature butterfly

I hope you understand so please share like comment. 


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