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butterfly effect

The Butterfly Effects

jun In 1914, there was some incident that changed the whole world.
The Hungarian Parisian France Ferdinand had gone on his ride on the streets of Bosnia with his wife and then he accidentally took a wrong turn and then headed to that place.Where there was no thought to go.At that time, a Ravishelepanari named Gervilo Princess saw the opportunity to set him and his wife.

The surprising thing was that Grave had not come there for any purpose.He had just come to eat sandwich.But what happened after that is history.In an uproar, Australia and Hungary attacked Sarabia together and Russia also started supporting these countries with their will.
And then at that time under the diplomatic and then Friendship agreement between the countries, other countries like Germany, France and Britain all got to be subjected to their armies and in a short time, 32 countries got together in this world war.Which today we came to know as the

1st World War and killed 2.5 billion people and injured more than 2.5 billion people.And Europe is devastated.But friends what happened after this is quite amazing.Had the 1st World War not taken place, Treaty of war sales all most was made to sprinkle salt on Germany's wounds.That too is not signed and that does not make a A person like Hitler than 60 Billion people died without any reason and more than 6 million others.This figure represented 3% of the world's population at that time.Which only ended in a war and the destruction of property and property damage of different English also caused a financial loss at that time and if it did not happen then three economic super power three instead of two at that time and cold war between USA and Russia.  Nuclear Amerces and Even Vietnam and Korea do not have a Confiliac. This event also had a profound impact on science, but it proved to be very lucky for our favorite Albert Einstein who went to take pictures of total solar clips to prove his safety theory. 

Albert Einstein
Due to the war in Russia, the convex was connected to the electronic devices of Albert Einstein and his companions and stayed for many years to end the war.But cursing his destiny and cursing and going through his own calculate again.
Isaac Newton
When he noticed some mistakes, after correcting those mathematics mistakes and refining his theory, he prepared a fresh model as a theory which later became approve which later revived the idea of ​​Newton
Albert Einstein Brand 
The throw shook the world.If the World War had not happened, Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity of Theory would have been rejected, and today there would not have been this revolutionizing theory and many inventions in the world.
We do not get any information about the universe properly and all this because of France Ferdinand, the killing of 60 million Jive by Hitler on the other side was a big blow for the Scientific community. The number of living beings in the world is just 1.4 crore.  Which is just 0.18% of the world population.Our city of Mumbai has 8 population.  But in the first century, from 1901 to 2030, a total of six hundred and nine novel prizes have been won.  And 150 of them have been won by Novell Prize.Which is 25% Wonderful Friends 0.80% These people of the whole world population are winning 25% Novel Awards. Albert Einstein was a jive.  So how many Hitlers did Intligent kill while killing those 80 million people. Where the world could have been with their help today. Give your suggestion in the comment below and share it with all so that we can also improve your information and reach you by your safety. So friends, it often happens that the smallest action in a method has a lot of increased response and everything changes for us, and science can also study it in reality. With the help of a special kind of theory, which we call The Chaos Theory, in 1960, MIT, an American meteorologist, was a weather simulator.One day he tried to do a weather test by doing some mathematics calculations and Similasen was showing wether linen and then he copied the same mathematical values ​​and replayed the same similesan to get the same result back but the weather production computer was showing something different.  Was.  Even after putting the same mathematical values, he was showing that a storm has been confirmed.  And now Lornes got confused and he thought that the simile man was already telling Sunny wether.  And then why is the storm now telling that there is garb in the computer itself, but after thinking about it a little, he realized his mistake, he had rounded off the number values ​​which were up to 6 decimal places.  And with this small difference of 0.000123, so much change of weather has come and now friends, are you understanding? That is why it is so difficult to predict weather accurately.  For us, when we have reached the moon.  Because the environment is a kyotic system.  According to the Chaos Theory, if a butterfly blows its wings in Delhi, it can bring a tsunami in Mumbai.  And now, how much it may not sound strange, but it is called.  The Betterfly Effect and it is a reality.  But, all this can be done under a fitable method because it only means.  Famous and some systems do this.  Like our system has many elements and variables.  Effect the measurement.  And which makes it very difficult to see a futture.


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