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Art is not
only a means to bring out all the feelings of life, but also holds the promise of changing the lives of people.  Rubal Negi has made this force of art a weapon.  Founder, painter craftsman and social worker Ruble Negi is an internationally renowned artist of the Ruble Negi Art Foundation and Ruble Negi Design Studio.  His frescoes, paintings and public installations have made their mark in the world.  Apart from this, his 'Missal Mumbai' campaign has made thousands of houses in Mumbai's settlements colorful with bright colors.  With the change in the tone of the colorless settlements of Mumbai and other cities with her art and reproduction, Ruble is also working to add color to the lives of the residents there.

The count will fall
Often artists perform their art in one, two or three mediums.  If you talk about the art of ruble born in Kashmir, then you will be surprised.  Member of India Design Council (IDC) Ruble Negi 38 different mediums including glass, ceramic, metal, tiles, fiber, terracotta Specializes in making artworks from.  His public installations (art installations) can be seen at every corner of the city of Mumbai.  Ruble, who studied Fine Arts and European Art from London, has more than eight hundred mural paintings and has set up more than 150 exhibitions of his art worldwide.  These exhibitions include Rashtrapati Bhavan, Taj Hotel, National Fine Arts Center and many other forums from abroad.  Ruble, who has brought thousands of lives to life with his 15 years of experience, has received many awards and honors.  These include the Jijamata Award by the Government of India in 2013 for social work and the EFEFA Award in Australia etc.

Color changed
The other aspect of Mumbai, the shining city of the country, is the slums here.  These settlements are often shown on the big screen, but the ruble has given a new color to the slums here, or say that Ruble made Mumbai even more beautiful by decorating the slums Have given .  Realizing his social responsibility, he launched the 'Missal Mumbai' campaign, under which his team painted thousands of slum houses with bright colors and carved beautiful pictures.  The ruble has so far changed the picture of about thirty slum settlements and villages in Maharashtra.  Ruble's efforts have colored the homes of slums in areas like Mumbai's Dhobi Ghat, Ambedkar Nagar, Kamathipura and Thane.  Change of color - These areas have become the center of attraction of tourists.  Regarding this, Ruble says, "Coloring our houses and removing darkness from our lives are our priorities, but first of all our aim is to improve the standard of living of the people living in the settlements."  When we reached there, the people there were not sure that we really wanted their well being.  With time we not only won their trust but also succeeded in bringing smiles on their faces.

Foundations are making strong
Ruble, through its organization Ruble Negi Art Foundation, will make the country beautiful as well as help the needy children to become blind In the life, education is awakened.  Ruble runs 32 kindergarten so that children can be given basic education.  His organization also organizes art workshops for children across the country.  Under this, more than 2.5 lakh children from all over the country have joined the workshop so far.

Message of equality
Adding a star to his social responsibilities, Ruble was seen giving a message of equality in a different way.  His foundation joined hands with Colors Channel's show 'Launch'.  Thousands of people, especially women, from villages and slum areas across the country, jointly prepared EcoFriendly Bed Linen, organized by it.  Ruble says about this that our foundation does not participate with anyone, but the idea of ​​Colors' show 'Inauguration' was similar to our thinking.  It is our endeavor that we women in villages have equal opportunities as men.  We explain the importance of equality to us.  For this, I resort to my art.  In this eco-friendly bed linen, women and men worked together, which would be given to the needy.  We also aim to explain the message of equality to everyone.

Stars floored on their art
The art of ruble varies from mango to special.  His list of fans includes artists like Salman Khan, Sushmita Sen, Sajid Nadiadwala, Shah Rukh Khan, Sohail Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Emraan Hashmi, Amisha Patel, as well as big industrialists.  In 2017, when Jabrubal unveiled a statue named Mend Paradise Garden in Bandra area of ​​Mumbai by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, she too could not live without praising Ruble.  Ruble considers that moment memorable.  She has composed murals and installations for several Hindi cinema stars so far.

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