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There are always some wishes. 
Like the desire to look better in a particular way.  Desire to look more 'beautiful' and more tall.  These desires have led to a full market and trade.  Well, such a thing is not a bad thing in itself, but if it starts to stand against the biological nature of the human being, then there is definitely a need to be alert.  It has been doing cosmetic surgery for quite some time.

she tries to make someone blond, sometimes she tries to change the shape of someone's face.  Now orthopedic surgeons have also jumped into this area.  They have developed a way to make people tall by performing foot surgery.  In the US, a commercial organization called the LimbplastEx Institute has been destroyed, whose job is to make people up to a few inches tall.

The method is very simple. 
In this, the bone of the leg below the knee is cut, a steel implant is placed in the middle, ie a piece is placed and the mud, tissues, muscles, etc., are arranged on top of them. Is lengthened by a few inches.  It costs around one lakh dollars, i.e. around 70 lakh rupees.

now they are adopting this path, which is quite rich and the other is very frustrated about its short length.  It is believed that as the practice progresses, this surgery will become cheaper.  But the real problem is that this surgery is not expensive.  The longer a person's biological composition makes him, It is contrary to the opinion of many experts about how much it is biologically safe to increase its length.  In some cases there have also been reports of damage from such surgeries.  By the way, even those who promote surgery themselves believe that they can increase the length of someone, but not the capacity of his legs.

There are more problems.
There is a proportion of human body parts.  If you just increase the length of the legs, then this ratio goes awry.  Seeking to increase the length too much, you can embrace the unformed body too.

The real objections about 
this are moral.  People like to be tall, like being white, only maintain that such a image is glorified in the media, while being more or less the same length as white - black is the diversity of human society, which is one of its  Is also excellent  We are trying to get rid of this quality because surgery made it and its business possible.  Many studies show that in many third world countries, including India, the length of a very large population does not increase due to malnutrition and undernutrition of maternity women and newborns.

Instead of ending malnutrition, 
spending resources on increasing the length from surgery can only be called shameful for human civilization.  In such a situation, we must remember the former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri once, his physical length may not have been very much, but his stature cannot be matched by the biggest celebrities of the world.

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