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The first reaction of the women of the family is to pick it up in the lap as soon as the newborn baby cries.  Raising your baby in your lap and loving it is easily included in every mother's routine.  This makes the infant feel connected with the mother, but our lifestyle has changed considerably over time.  Nowadays most of the women living in metros are working.  They do not have enough time to lift the baby in their arms whenever they want.  So they have to depend on the domestic help to take care of the child.  Because of this, in the last few years, there has been a perception developed in relation to the care of the newborn that by adopting the baby, his habit will deteriorate and he will always want to stay with the mother.  That is why instead of lifting the baby in the lap, mothers started to keep him in a cradle or in love.
A recent research study conducted by UK scientists has revealed the fact that mother's touch is very important for the physical and emotional development of a newborn.  According to the researchers, during childhood, by adopting, calling, walking, talking to and playing with her, the child develops language and physical activity rapidly, as well as her emotional connection with the mother and close family members.  .  It is known from research studies that children with parents spend more time, are more bold, logical and supportive.  Not only this, after growing up, such children are confident and socially efficient.  If you are the mother of a newborn, then try to spend maximum quality time with her.  Doing this will prove beneficial not only for him, but also for you.

Balanced development: When you raise your baby in your lap, it proves to be very beneficial in terms of her physical development.  Research - studies have revealed that if the pre-mature baby gets constant mother's loving touch and lap protection, her physical development takes place faster.  Newborn baby something
It is also necessary to lift in the lap for a while at an interval of hours, because even after birth, he considers the mother's body as his own part and it is very difficult for him to suddenly separate himself from the mother.  When the mother lifts the baby's head on her shoulder, she also feels the movement of her mother's heartbeat and breath.  This is the most comfortable state for him.  According to research, children who stay away from motherly touch cry and talk and get irritable in their behavior.  In addition, the higher the secretion of the stress hormone from the endocrine glands of the baby, the greater the crying, which is harmful for her underdeveloped brain.  Shisha's energy is unnecessarily destroyed by crying.  If he would remain calm and happy, then he could use this energy to learn and understand new activities and activities while looking at the surrounding environment.  That is why do not let your baby cry for too long.  Try to silence him as soon as possible.  Especially when the infant cries due to any pain, walking on the lap and patting her back gives quick relief from pain.  The warmth of the mother's lap makes her very relaxed and this causes her to fall asleep very soon.

When you spend more time with your baby, she gets to learn a lot from you.  For example, when you are taking care of small tasks of the house by taking her in your lap, he tries to understand them by watching all your activities very closely. When he is with you and you are talking to someone else on mobile, then he expresses his reaction by being happy on your talk.  Such small things in the everyday prove to be very helpful in the emotional development of the baby.

Beneficial for you too:
Raising your baby in your lap, talking and playing with him also for the health of the mother.  Proves to be very beneficial.  Such actions protect the woman from depression.

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