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Diary is afraid of depression

Recent studies in Norway have shown that people who write diaries for a while every day stay away from mental problems like depression and tension.  The researchers say that many times we seek a partner who can understand the feelings of our heart to share the things of our heart.  In such a situation, it is not necessary that whenever we need a friend, he is present with us.  In such a situation, the diary can become true friends thinking of our scientists.  Scientists say that writing a diary is a good habit.  Through this, we are connected to the sour and sweet diary memories of our past.  Not only this, when we turn the pages of the diary, we are lost in the journey of memories.

Scientists say that what we think and feel is written in the pages of the diary.  If we keep positive thinking, our diary will also be full of positivity.  The diary also gives us courage to say that under bad circumstances we

How can you handle yourself and move forward?  Studies say that in your diary, you can also write what good things you learned from.  Similarly, if you get any interesting information from som
ewhere, you can also write it.  If you like the way someone talks, then you can write it or if you like to laugh, then you can also write it.  Scientists say that if you have ever known or inadvertently hurt someone's heart, then she can also write a diary.  This will save you from making that mistake next time, because the thing written in the diary will immediately turn around in your mind.

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