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GI Sat Satellite

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is preparing to launch a new earth observation satellite GIISAT-1 in the first week of March.  ISRO plans to send 10 Earth Observation Satellites during the year 2020 - 21.  Know why GIISAT - 1.

GISAT-1 is a geo imaging satellite.  This will be the first of two planned Indian IO spacecraft to be placed in a geostationary orbit located 36,000 km away.  It will be set up at a fixed location, so that it can keep an eye on the Indian continent at all times.  The special thing is that till now all Indian Earth observation satellites were placed in an orbit of a distance of only 600 km. Used to rotate between the poles.  GIISAT-1 can be launched from Sriharikota Satellite Launch Center.  It will be launched through GSLV Mk-2.

Why GIAT-1 is important 
GIISAT-1 will have five types of multispectral cameras, with the help of which real time images of different regions of the country.  Can be obtained.  Also the geographical location of the country with the help of this satellite Any type of change can also be monitored.  The Earth Observation Satellite is mainly used for land and agricultural surveillance, but images taken by it are also very important for the military to monitor the border.  Significantly, satellites like ISAT which are equipped with synthetic aperture radar They provide 24 hours of information to security agencies.  Through this, India's interference in the field of space diplomacy will be strengthened.  Through this, various types of questions related to the origin of space and earth can be solved, using which remedies can be found to deal with future challenges.

India's current position in space
According to ISRO, at present, 19 national earth observation satellites, 18 communication satellites and 8 navigational satellites are being used.  These provide satellite broadcasting, telephony, internet services, weather and agriculture related forecasts, security, rescue and relief during disaster and location based services.  Huh .  Three of the communication satellites are for military communication and networking.  ISRO also aims to develop its own space station within a decade, like the US and China.  Apart from this, ISRO is working on big and ambitious missions like Chandrayaan-3, Gaganyaan, Aditya L-1 for the coming years.

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