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Kohinoor diamond

Kohinoor diamond 

• The entire journey of Kohinoor diamond: It is said about the Kohinoor diamond.  That it was found there in the Khaddano of Golkonda of kolluror near Krishna river.  It is located in Khadyan Andhra Pradesh.  The East India Company, discussing about it in the year 1850.  The directors of IT noted that people believed that this diamond was found around 5000 years ago in the Mahabharata period.  But earlier this diamond was named syamantak.  People considered syamantak diamonds different from Kohinoor.  But in the oldest year 1304, this diamond was the oldest diamond under the supervision of the king of Malwa, then in the year 1339, it was kept in the cities of samarkand for about 300 years and a statement was popular by bringing the Hindu literature of that time.
 Cursed Dimaund

Cursed: According to him, every man wearing this diamond will be cursed and he will be surrounded by strangers, only a woman or a holy man can wear it.  Then the Kohinoor Karat was with the Mughal mother-in-law, in the 14th Satbadi, the Kohinoor diamond near Alauddin Khilji, Delhi's Sasak, followed by Babur's autobiography Babar Naamo.  In the year 1526, the Mughal mother-in-law referred to the diamond in Babar Nama, stating that Humayas were sons of Humayu Babur in their clan after defeating Sultan Ibrahim Lodhi in the battle of Pani Pat in the fort of Agra.  So because of the stubbornness here Humayu Gwalior's king gave a big diamond and Humayu presented this given diamond to his father when Humayu wanted to know the value of this diamond. Babur said to Humayun that the price of such a precious diamond is a lot.  The one who has heavy sticks in his hand will have this diamond in his hand and this is the most prized rattan.  The price of which will be equal to half the income of one day's total income of the entire world.

Babar king

• Babar King :
From here it was held by Hira to Babur's Vanasjo for years.  Orangzeb and Humayu guarded the reception of this diamond of the kingdom and handed it over to Mohammad, his grandson, was the grandson of Mohammed Orangzeb.  17 th Babar's great-grandson Sahan Jahan built a special throne for himself. In order to make this throne, an artist named Syed Gilani and his artisans took about seven years. In this throne several kg of gold was applied and decorated with jewels and diamonds.  The throne was also named after this throne.  Later it was known as Mayur Sihasan, Jahuri used to come to see it from all over the world.
Hortensho Borgia: One of these was Jahuri Hortensho Borgia venice.  The king gave this diamond to Hortensho Borgia to enhance the sparkle of the diamond, and Hortensho Borgia cut most of the diamond and Borgia worked so poorly that the diamond was cut into pieces.

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