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Why we people of India are against NPR, NRC and CAA?
Why we people of India are against NPR, NRC and CAA?  Who are these "we of India"?  'We of India' live in Bihar and different parts of the country.  There are different dialects, colors, forms, nana-naksha, khan-paan, religion and opinion-makers.  We are the working people of the country.  We belong to the Magha, we belong to the organ.  We belong to Bhojpur, we belong to Kosi, we belong to Mithila, we belong to Champaran and Saran.  .  .  .  We are Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and atheists too.  We are Bihari.  We are Indians.  But who are those people who don't want us all to live together?  Divide in the name of religion, fight - die, get lost?

We should never forget that our own patriotic ancestors - the blood of their ancestors - have been sweating in the freedom of slavery, creating, enhancing, doing in the world.  Today, our Indian heirs like us are being told to bring proof that you are citizens of this place!  Bring the paper Indian heirs are being told to bring proof that you are citizens of this place.  Bring papers that your ancestors belong to this.  Till today, neither what was asked nor what ever we expected in our dreams, now everything is being prepared to be asked from us.

A registrar (NPR) is being created.  The preparation is to create a separate account for everyone.  We want to have an account, but in this it is ready to ask when and where our parents were born?  In which corner of this country were they born?  There is a readiness to ask for evidence of these things.  And whatever else.  I am also ready to demand proof that we are his heirs.  Then they will ask for proof of proof.  Can we still understand anything or not?  They are going to ask us  .  Where did we come from in this village, locality, state, country?  Who are our neighbors?  Moreover, they also want to know whether our parents are ours or not, where are the roots of grandparents.  And those who are unable to bring proof or whose evidence is not considered correct.  .  .  The  So after a few days, we will be told to crores of people that we are no longer on this land.  This soil is not ours.  We are not citizens.  We, who make India through our hard work, are not of India.  What shall we do then?

All these things are not happening in any other country.  It has all started in our country.  There is a state at some distance from us, Assam.  This is what happened there.  Not ten but ten proofs of people like us were not considered.  There is a Fatima Bibbi in the same Assam.  She could not tell where her grandfather was born.  For this reason, they were not included in the Citizenship Register (NRC) there.  Similarly, Murali Das's name did not appear in the register because he changed his name 40 years ago.  In the end, the sword of not being Indian is hanging on more than 1.4 million people.  Among them are Hindus, Muslims, Adivasis, Bihari, Bengali, women and men.  .  .  All are included.  That means no one will be left.  So the question is, are

we ready to take away our citizenship and will we all keep watching it silently?  The values ​​of the constitution will fly away, and should we remain seated.  Shall we not think of ourselves about our children - children?  Will we lose our citizenship just like that?

What is NPR?
National Population Register (NPR i.e. National Population Register).  This is a register in which information about all the people of the country will be collected.  In Bihar, this work will be done to gather information in the month of May.  In this, we have to tell when and where we and our parents are born.  What language do we speak  It is feared that if a babu collecting information is suspicious of anyone, he will identify them.  This can become the basis for deciding one's citizenship.  This is being called the first step of the Citizenship Register (NRIC).
What is NRC ?
NRIC i.e. Register of Indian Citizen.  A similar register has been created in Assam in the name of NRC.  This will be the register of citizenship.  To add name to it, it has to prove that we are citizens of this country.  For this, we will have to show the papers of our forefathers.  Things like Aadhaar or identity card will not work.
What is CAA ?Aadhaar
CAA means the Citizenship Amendment Act, under this law, Hindus, Sikh Christians, Parsis, Jains and Buddhists from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh will be given citizenship before 2014.  Even if they have come or are living here illegally.  It is not being said that only religiously married people of the six religions of these three countries will be given citizenship.  There are no Muslims in it.  With this, the time limit to get citizenship has been reduced to six years.
Why are we opposing NPR - NRI and CAA?
 Because it is the toiling masses of India, the underprivileged Dalits.  Tribals are against minorities.
Because they are against the values ​​of the constitution.

Because it is a violation of Article 14 of the Constitution.  According to this, the government cannot discriminate against anyone on the basis of religion. 

Because it is sitting like a demonetisation - you have to buy big trouble and disturb the crores of people of the country.  Millions of people will be upset in collecting paper proof.  Will be put in the lines, there will be trouble for the poor.  They will lose their deposit. 

Because it will take away citizenship of those who will not be able to show the paper.  In areas where there is flood every year, people who do not have land or houses, who are unable to read and write, women who live away from Naihar after marriage, Banjara, Dalit, people of tribal community have full paper and difficult to show  Work.  This will create a crisis for their lives.

Because it can create a crisis for the country's largest minority group Muslims.  However, if any of us think that this will only happen to Muslims, then it is in confusion.  All of us will be involved in this.

 Because in the process of NRC in Assam, the government had invested 16 hundred crores.  It will cost a thousand lakhs, not crores, billions of rupees for the entire country.  On the other hand, in our world, there is a reduction of Rs 3000 crores from the share of needs like schooling.  Moreover, even Aadhar or any other identity card will not work.  Then what will happen to all of us?  When we are no longer citizens, we will not be allowed to remain Indians either.  Our rights will be taken away.  SC - ST and poor will be removed from the schemes with reservation, minimum wages and social security.  ( Ongoing )

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