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Our universe is a giant
.  In comparison, the Earth looks like just a dust particle.  For centuries, we have been trying to solve the mysteries of the universe.  Today, humans are capable of doing research on planets and stars located thousands of light years away, and we also get information about the events happening there, but you will be surprised to know that we have not been able to know our whole Earth till now. Huh.

71 percent of the Earth is surrounded by water, which we also call the infinite ocean.  Today, our science has made so much progress that we are able to send our spacecraft to the moon and Mars, but we have not been able to make our presence even today in the depths of the ocean on earth.

More research has been done in space, America's first mission to the moon went in 1969, in which humans were successful in stepping on the moon outside the Earth for the first time.  So far, a total of 12 people have stepped on the moon.  In comparison, only 3 people have gone to the depths of the oceans.  The deepest place on earth inside the ocean is the Mariana Trench.  Its depth is 11034 meters, so far no human being has been successful in going to its foothills is .  Overall, we are still unaware of the 95 percent share of the oceans on the earth.
 Deep sea

How the depth is known:
The mapping of the entire ocean floor on the earth has been done.  But we are not able to see more than 5 kilometers inside the sea.  To measure the depths of the ocean, a device called Sinar is used.  Sonar sends sound waves into the sea, which collide with the object inside and return.  With this, the depth and height of the sea level is easily known.  With the help of sonar, only the oceans present on the earth.  Only 0.05 percent share could be measured.  If you talk about the deepest part of the sea i.e. Mariana Trench so far only three people have been able to go here.  One of them is the famous Hollywood filmmaker James Cameron, who himself spent 10 million dollars to go on this mission.

Why is it difficult to go to sea? It is amazing that it is easier to do research on other planets and satellites in space than to get out of the earth and do research in the oceans on earth.  Many reasons account for this .  The pressure in the depths of the ocean keeps increasing.  The pressure at sea level is equal to about 50 jumbo jets, which has the power to crush even the strongest thing in an instant.  Even if it is expensive and difficult to build a spaceship or a probe, it is even more difficult to build a submarine that could bear such terrible pressure.  Another reason is that it is possible to see all the objects in space, because there is a light of stars.  At the same time, sunlight has rarely reached the depths of the ocean.

Vxf How are underwater vehicles? There are two types of underwater vessels - Hamman Occupied and Remote Occupied Vehicles.  Alvin is one such human occupant vehicle, in which oceanographers go to the depths of the sea and do research.  Its lights are very sharp, which is possible to see even under water.  Apart from this, like drones there are also unmanned remote occupied vehicles.  It is sent to places where it is not possible for scientists to go.  They are connected to the ship via a cable.  In addition, there are autonomous underwater vehicles, which are pre-programmed.  They are not connected by cable and operate independently inside.

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