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Scientific thinking for the development of the country

The famous Indian
scientist Sir Chandrashekhar Venkata Raman discovered the Raman effect on 28 February 1928.  For this discovery, he was given the Nobel Prize in 1930.  It was the first Nobel Prize won by any Indian and Asian person.  National Science Day is celebrated every year on 28 February in honor of this award.  The above things were said by Dr. KP Yadav, Principal of Thakur Prasad College.  He was presiding over the seminar at Thakur Prasad College on Friday.

The theme of the seminar was Science, Development and Environment.  The program was organized on the occasion of National Science Day under the joint aegis of the three units of the National Service Scheme operated under the college.  Its main objective is to make society aware of science and to promote scientific vision in both.

Attracting and motivating science the need to spread the benefits of science to the common people:
Chief Guest University National Service Scheme Dr. Abhay Kumar said that human beings have made progress in the field of science, this has made our life easier but with the progress of science, nature has damaged the environment.  They Said that nature's protection depends on the future of humans.  Nature - Human life cannot be imagined without environment.  Senate co-syndicate member Dr. Jawahar Paswan said that after independence, India has made progress in the field of science, but the benefits of science need to be extended to the common people.  Also, it must also promote the scientific outlook in the society.  Misconceptions and superstitions lead to destruction of science.  National Science Day organized an important step in that direction.  Participation of all is necessary in this.  Assistant Professor Sanskrit Khushbu Shukla said that in the year 2020, the theme of National Science Day is women in science.  We have to underline the contribution of women in every field of science and society.  He said that there has been a lot of participation of women in the field of science as well.
Noted scientist Madame Marie Skladovka Curie received the Nobel Prize in both physics and chemistry.  Both of his daughters also Nobel Prize was received.  The elder daughter Irene received the Nobel Prize in chemistry and the younger daughter Eve in the field of peace.

Need to coordinate between science and spirituality
While conducting the program, Public Relations Officer Dr. Sudhanshu Shekhar said that the use of science should be in the interest of humanity.  This is the reason why Mahatma Gandhi has called human science without social sin.  He said that science without spirituality is blind and spirituality without science is lame.  Therefore, we need to coordinate between science and spirituality.  On this occasion program officials Dr. Upendra Prasad Yadav, Dr. Saman Kamar Jha, Dr. Ratandeep, Dr. Khushboo Shukla, Dr. Vijaya Kumari, Dr. Rohini, Prakriti Rai, Researcher Saurabh Kumar Chauhan, Debid Yadav, Sonu Kumar Singh, Sagar Kumar Sharma, Prashant Kumar  , Gautam Kumar Ram, Mahanand Kumar, Ranjesh Kumar, Jitendra Kumar Tirkey, Pradeep Kumar, Sandeep Kumar, Dimple Kumari, Annu Kumari, Rani Kumari, Surbhi Sneha, Madhu  Ta Kumari, Suprit Kaur, Kritika Rai, Rashmi Kumari, Moni Kumari, Lakshmi Kumari, Neha Kumari, Pragya Kumari, Jyoti Kumari, Shilpi, Dr. Shahriyar Ahmed, Narayan Thakur, Vinod, Rajiv Kumar Ranjan, Abhishek Kumar Singh, Anil, Kamala Brahmani  Etc. were present.


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