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•What is sun: The Sun is one of the brightest stars in our universe.  Which gives light to our planet Earth.  Due to which life is provided in the earth.
•Sun formation: The Sun is a hot gas ball like other stars.  And is the center of our atmosphere.  Which is an average size compared to other wires.  But the mass and brightness of the Sun is higher than 80% of the stars in our Milky Way galaxy.  There is a reason for this.  That the Sun is much closer to Earth than other stars.  The diameter of the Sun is about 1.4 million km.  Which is 109 times more than the Earth.  The sun does not seem to increase much when we see it from the earth, because the sun is far away from us.  The distance of the Sun is about 150 million km.  Tosto our sun is so vast.  Which can contain 1.3 million earth inside it.  If the size of the sun is made like a football and the size of a jupiter is won by a golf ball, then our earth will be less than the size of a pea grain, like the earth, the sun is not solid.  The entire sun is made of gas.
Sun orbitor 
•How many types of gas are found in the Sun. Hydrogen gas 74% helium 24% and 2% rest of the elements like iron and nickel carbon and chromium are present inside the Sun.  The compulsion of the Sun keeps the other planets, including the Earth, moving in different orbits in the Sorvandam.  If any object falls within the radius of 20 lakh 22 thousand km of the sun, then it will pull it towards its center, the force of the sun is 28 times more than the earth.

•Weight : If your weight on the earth is 60kg, then your weight on the sun will be 1680kg.
•What would have happened if the sunlight did not reach the earth one day? Suppose if the sun's brightness does not reach the earth one day, then within a few hours it will freeze like an icy smoke and will be transformed into a pile of snow.
•The mass: Our Sun 'occupies about 99.86% of the total mass of the Solar System.  Of the rest only 0.14% comes from Earth and other planets.
•Circumambulation: Just as the Earth and other planets revolve around the Sun.  Similarly, the sun also revolves around our sky.  It is located in the center of our Milkey way galaxy at a corner of about 30,000 light years.  The Sun revolves around the center of our Milkey way galaxy at a speed of 251 km / sec.  It takes about 25 Crore years to complete a revolution.
•How long does it take for sunlight to reach the earth? Despite our Earth being so far away from the Sun, it takes only 8m 17sec for the Sun to come to our Earth.  The speed of the sun's rays is about 3 lakh km / sec.
Age of the sun? According to scientists, the sun's urn is about 10 billion years.  In the last nearly 4.5 billion years, the solids hydrogen has burned inside the Sun.  And yet the remaining hydrogen will burn 5.5 billion years and will keep illuminating us till then.

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