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Not only did he
see the dream, but he also brought talent to Koduniya.  One of the smallest beginners and reached the status of celebrity.  Only 15 - 20 second videos changed his life.  Ticketlock gave them a platform.  These are Influencers and Creator TalkTalk

Food, music, travel, acting, comedy  .  What's more - not on tick talk.  The open ground is to reveal their hidden talents.  Just plug the smart phone into the tripod and get started.  You can also make a video at home.  You do not need expensive cameras or team for editing and shoots for Tittock.  It has everything for the edit.  Just video quality, audio and light should be good.  Only then people will join you.

did not realize
Shivani Kapila had never dreamed of being famous.  She is a girl from middle class family who studied very well.  Used to work in HR  She was working very hard to move forward in that field.  Then I thought of making a tick talk video.  At that time, Shivani was training a katta for adoption, then started making videos and uploading it.  He got so much appreciation and love from people that he pushed himself further.  She also started making videos of women empowerment.  While doing so, she did not know when she became a tick talk creator.  A year ago she quit her job in Delhi and moved to Surat with her mother-in-law.  He is now a fulltime content creator.  Interestingly, she also keeps her mother-in-law mother Anita Tyagi with her in the videos.  Shivani says, first lived in Delhi with her husband.  We worked from morning till night.  Today I have started living in Surat near my mother-in-law.  When I wake up in the morning, my mother-in-law is ready with the concept.  My father-in-law is discussing it.  We make videos together with fun.  Mother in law more than me She remains excited.  Reason, they have got a new identity in the society.  Earlier, she was the wife of my father-in-law, mother of my husband and today she is a content creator.  People now recognize him by his name.

Life can change
Geet was getting into the car with her parents that an accident occurred.  Earlier she was a common girl, could walk, run and dance, but after this incident the doctors said that she would never walk and Geet got on a wheelchair.  He was very shocked.  His childhood dream was to become an actor.  A teacher told them that if you are on a wheelchair, no one would want to see you on stage or on television.  In such a situation, you start working backstage.  Geet gave up acting after listening to the teacher and tried his hand in direction.  The play also started writing, but after participating in the show 'India's Best Cinestar Ki Khoj', his acting also started.  Tick ​​Talk also started sending small acting videos and sending messages to people.  Gradually, she started making Motivational videos as well as teaching English and her social media account attracted a crowd of fans.  Geet says, I was a lawyer and engineer in America.  I left my job a few years ago and started living in India, because I help the people in the settlements Wanted to do  My dream is that I can make some changes in the world.  I can change someone's life.  I have opened a small NGO and help poor children.  I also want to do this through tick talk.  Previously used to give message to hundred people in one colony, but now I can tell my talk to millions of people through Tick Talk.  By this we are doing positive work.  She says.  At first I used to think how you can change someone's life with a twenty second video, but now I feel that twenty seconds is needed to change one's heartbeat and life.  Tick ​​Talk is a very easy platform, which anyone can use and everybody shares their talent on it, then they can learn and teach from each other in this world.  What else could be better than this.

Likes suddenly increased
Nagma Mirajkar produces entertainment and comedy videos on Tick Talk.  M .  He has done com and MBA.  Prior to this, she was a fashion blogger with a job.  She used to put her content and photos on Instagram.  Nagma was putting videos of English songs on the music app, but was not getting the right response.  One day in 2017, he suddenly had a video feature.  Many more likes came on him.  Came to know The music app has been taken over by Tick Talk's company and a team of this app is looking at Indian creators.  The team from China contacted Nagma and asked that you make more videos.  Seeing you will make more people.  Nagma then started making dance videos and lipsync videos.  When this app became musically, Tiktok suddenly got a huge audience, which benefited Nagma.  Nagma says, I started making videos every day.  When the audience in India started growing, I started lip-syncing to Hindi songs, putting on dance and comedy videos.  My family did not support before.  The reason is, we are from a Muslim family and my father wanted my job.  He also did not like blogging.  I also got angry when I left the job, but I kept moving forward.  Now he is happy, because people his age tell him that videos of your daughter help us get out of stress.  Now Nagma also makes videos on social issues and moral values.

Started putting fitness videos
Ganjan Taneja puts fitness videos on Tick Talk.  Earlier they used to think that there are only entertainment and music videos here.  Then thought that by putting the material that teaches fitness, let's see what the response is.  He started making videos of fitness tips and putting them.  It was only after two - four videos that he started getting a very good response from the audience.  He did not expect that people would like fitness stuff so much.  Gunjan tells her story, earlier I myself was Unfit, Anheldi.  I was overweight.  It was a challenge to fit in front of me, but I was not getting the right advice.  I did not know the correct way.  I struggled a lot and was able to fit after a lot of difficulties.  Then I felt that I should share all the things that are right about my health with people so that they can get help.  Especially girls do not know how to change their lifestyle?  How important is exercise?  Women from small towns cannot go to the gym and they do not even know what to do at home so that their lives are healthy Ho .  I decided that I would make a video.  My videos are for all ages.  They contain exercises that can be done anywhere.  And people of all ages can.  Apart from this, I also show how to make healthy food tasty.  Gunjan started feeling very good when people started thanking him that he started exercising.  Gradually Gunjan started putting more videos.  People started asking about losing weight.  At that time Gunjan felt that his videos were helping people.  In a short span of time many people joined them.  What was it then? Gunjan decided to quit his job in the corporate world to help more people.  Now she is doing the same thing full time.  She says, now this is my livelihood.  If people ask for a diet plan, then she cooks.  Enjoying and helping people as well.  Previously I was in the field of digital marketing.  Now I am living the life of the Creator.

Interesting beauty tips
About a year ago, Fiza Abidi, who came on Tick Talk, puts small videos of makeup on Tick Talk.  Gives effective makeup with entertainment.  She is now a Tiktok star, making videos with Bollywood celebrities like Deepika Padukone and recreating her look.  Fiza says, about a year ago I came on Tick Talk.  Earlier, I used to make fun videos of jest.  After a few months I thought that the content of makeup that I create for Instagram, I put on the same tick talk.  Perhaps the audience would like it.  When I did this, there was a very good response.  People liked him a lot.  Then I started putting videos regularly.  Fiza gives makeup tips by lip syncing on songs.  He says that as soon as the child gets educated in an interesting way, he learns very quickly, I like the same way and I have continued this.  People also enjoy singing.  And they also learn.  Fiza b.  com .  After MBA, but his passion was in makeup.  She also makes models, actors.

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