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Active volcano 

•How a volcano is born? There is immense heat in the womb of the earth.  The temperature of the fetus remains up to 6OOO॰C.  When the plate slides in the earth's surface.  And collides with each other.
Volcano Born
•Megma? The heavy plate presses down and the light plate rises upwards.  And he makes the hills.  When the heavy plate goes to the bottom.  So due to the existing GO thermal energy, the metal and the rocks all melt and become magma.  And due to so much heat, a presser is produced from the womb.  This magma creates pressure on the light plate.  And the light plate escapes with a blast in the form of lava.  Which we call volcano.
•Volcanic mountains? Volcanic mountains are formed when lava freezes on the surface of the Earth.  The tunnel through which the lava exits.  It is called a Volcanic.
Volcano maintain 

•Lava? Friends, there is not much difference between lava and magma which is very hot and molten in the warm of the earth.  It is called magma.

•Earthquake? If the earth's surface solid hole and megama cannot get out somehow and there is no explosion in the volcano, then the earth shivers and tremors start to feel.  This pressure causes the earth's plates to stir.  And there is an earthquake till hundreds of mills.  And if there is an explosion, along with his Megma, the gas comes out in the form of ash and other avasa lava.  And freezes on the surface of the earth.  Today, 80% of the Earth is the result of volcanic eruptions.
Types of volcanoes? 1 Active Volcano This volcano is like this.  Which explodes from time to time.  Today there are more than 1500 active volcanoes.  There is active volcano in Baran Island in Andaman and Nicobar, India.  And the Mona Ola and Karaka Tova of Hawaii Duipipa are the most prominent and dangerous cyclonic volcanoes of the world. Dormant volcano This type of volcano is mostly peaceful.  But it is not so.  That this volcano can never become active.  This type of volcano can prove to be very dangerous.  Fujima of Japan which is the most beautiful volcano in the world.  He comes under the Shushupt volcano.  And when this volcano can show its true form, it cannot be said that this volcano of Philippine volcano also comes under latent volcano. Dead volcano The dead volcano is one that has been calm for ages.  And those who have stopped being active.  Burma's Popa Africa's Kilimanjaro South America's Chimabrajo Airport island of Minako and several volcanoes are included in this list.  We have 07 tectonic plates in the womb of this earth.  And on the 26th, there is a plate.  On the basis of which the entire geographical surface of this earth rests.
Popa volcano


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