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What is diamond

What is diamond >>> A diamond is a transparent gemstone.  Diamond is a pure form of carbon.  If you heat a diamond in 763.C, it burns to carbon dioxide.  And ends completely.
Diamond shape>>> The carbon atom used by diamond is covalently bonded to four other carbon atoms.  Carbon participates in the outer chamber of atoms.  And not a
single electron is independent.  Therefore, the heat and power of the diamond is malfunctioned.  All the carbon atoms in a diamond are connected by a very powerful co-ordinate bond.  So it is very harsh.
How a diamond is made>>> According to scientists, about 160 km below the ground is formed in the hot spot.  After that, diamond comes up from volcanic movements.  Sometimes it is also formed by colliding planets or bodies.
Scientific method of making diamond>>> According to scientists, groundnut peel is grinded and kept under very high pressure 800 to 900 km below the ground surface.  By changing the internal structure of the crystal, it takes the form of a diamond.  After this, many tools are used to make them diamond form.
What will happen to diamond licking>>>
He dies by licking diamonds.  This thing is very old in the minds of people.  But this thing is absolutely false and wrong.  This can happen by swallowing a diamond.  Because diamond is counted among the hardest curtains.  Heera does not melt.  And the water tax does not end.  Swallowing diamond can give rise to any type of disease in the stomach.  Which can also cause death.  But there is no loss of life by licking diamond. The diamond is subjected to several processes to give it the right shape.  In which chemical is used.  If this diamond is licked, there may be a possibility of death due to many diseases.  But it came from where I could die after licking diamonds.  The truth is that in ancient times, only kings used to wear diamonds, people did not have diamonds.  In the olden days, the king or an Enemy did not come in fear of being tortured or to tell any secret about his rule, so the king used to die by licking the poison with a thumb and people thought that licking diamond  it happens.
How to cut a diamond>>> 
 Diamond is the highest hardness of every substance in the world.  Toughness is not there.  But it is said in many films.  If you hit the hammer in the diamond, the hand will break, but the diamond will not break, it can break even in the slightest injury.  Hard ness is not the same hardness of any mineral.  As much as the diamond is compared to the mineral, so no mineral can rub the diamond so hard ness hole is the diamond.
Toughness >>>For example, if you pierce the trunk of a tree, it will be easily irritated.
Tree cutting style 
But if we keep the trunk of the tree in this direction, then it will not be irritated, similarly it is also in the diamond.
If you hit the diamond in the kilving direction, the Diamond does not break easily. If you hit the diamond in the killing direction, the diamond will break easily.  But if you hit the diamond in the direction of sleeping, Diamond  easily tolerates it and avoids breaking.
Jarkan v/s diamond>>> Let's try to find out first.  Have done Zarkan is a type of stone.  The stone seems like an exact diamond.  But it is not a diamond.  It is a beautiful stone.  So IA corrects these confuction. >>> Both cubic Zirconia (CZ) and american Diamond (AD) have more comfution in these stones.  That this is CZ is AD.  There are several ways to identify AD.(1) Weight (2) Hardness (3) Girdle (4) Orange peel Effect (5) Fracture (6) Blueness There are many other ways.  By which we can identify AD.  But there is a very easy way.  AD see through does not show 'see through transparent' is the easiest way to understand CZ.  But CZ shows through.  If the stone is transparent.  So that's CZ.  If the stone is not transparent then it is AD.  But AD also shows through see.  But you can easily identify because AD does not show through CZ.  This rarely happens.  Light see through shows.  Now you guys have understood.

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