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Baaghi 3 movie

Baghi 3 movie
Some directors believe that to put world class action in the film, then the story is weak, the script does not matter if it is lame.  Ahmed Khan is one such director.  Some artists believe that to work hard in acting, action comes out loud, neither dance is perfect.  Tiger Shroff is one such artist.  Incidentally, if both the trains are running well, then their belief is also strengthened.  Both of these films are Baaghi 3.  The third installment of the 'rebel' series.  'Baghi' was a hit and 'Baghi 2' was a superhit.  It had a turnover of around 165 crores.  That's why 'Baghi 3' was also created.  If this film is also a hit, whose fairy looks likely, then it is very likely that 'Baaghi 4' also arrives.  In the film, Tiger Shroff speaks of a dialogue, 'I will always be a rebel', giving full scope for its sequel.  In 'Baghi', Tiger fought with a Bahubali, 'Baghi 2' fought with a big and vicious gangster of drug smugglers.  In 'Baghi 3', he clashed alone with the world's most dangerous terrorist organization like IS.  If 'rebel 4' is formed, then they may have to fight alone from any country.  However, this is the story of two brothers, Ronnie (Tiger Shroff) and Vikram (Ritesh Deshmukh).

Younger Ronnie always protects his elder brother Vikram.  His father Charan Chaturvedi (Jackie Shroff) is a police officer.  He is killed while performing his duty during the riots.  While dying, vows to Vahroni that he will not leave the hand of elder brother Vikram.  Vikram goes to the police officer and one day collides with the city's don IPL brother (Jaideep Ahlawat).  Meanwhile, Vikram gets married to Ruchi (Ankita Lokhande), and Ronnie falls in love with his younger sister Siya (Shraddha Kapoor).  Vikram goes to Syria in connection with the work.  And there the people of 'Jaish-e-Lashkar' leader Abujlal (Jamil Khauri) kidnap him.  Ronnie arrives in Syria with Sia to save his brother.  There he meets a Pakistani Jebkatre (Vijay Verma).  He helps Ronnie.  .  .  The story in this film is simply to support the action.  It has no power  The screenplay is straightforward and mostly.  Things are without any head or foot.  If you try to understand why this happened, how can it happen!

Then the head will baffle.  You just take action as it is the main thing in this film and it is world class.  Tiger has already proved that he is unmatched in action, but from this film he has also expressed that hardly anyone can do action like him in Bollywood.  Most of the scenes in the film seem unrealistic, but Tiger doing those scenes seems natural.  Certainly as an action hero, this is his success.  But when it comes to emotion, they look absolutely weak.  Huh .  There is no life in the character of Shraddha Kapoor.  Still they have done their job well.  In the first half, his comrades get some relief from the fight.  Ritesh Deshmukh's performance is fine, but his character is not well written.  Jaideep Ahlawat's acting is good.  Vijay Verma has also been fine.  Jamilkhauri affected.  We do .  The rest of the cast are also fine.  If you are a fan of action films andTiger, then this film will be liked by you.

The script of the film is very poor and most of the things are without any head and foot.  If you try to understand why this happened, how it can happen, then the head will be baffled.  Just enjoy the action, because the main thing in this film is that of the world class.

Kaamyaab Movie : Sanjay Mehta

'Vodaur was different.  All was in great demand then!  Actor Sanjay Mishra says this in a very dry - dry tone in the film 'Kamal', but the reason for this rude - dry accent is that he is deeply troubled.  He further explains that 'potato' was actually called side actors, which many people also called 'sidekick'.  This film of Sanjay reminds us of some characters who once used to be an important part of every film, but have now disappeared.  For example, the vodctor, who used to say, 'Now you need prayers, not the medicines.  .  .  The policeman who used to say, 'Police has surrounded you from all sides.
And how many such characters, who were called by the name of 'side-rollers', some by the name of 'sidekick'.  Time passed, comedians and even villains started doing hero work.  With this, all those artists who fit in these grooves of 'Character Artist' became useless.  Anyone who loves Bollywood cinema will fall in love with this film.  _ In the film, we meet Sudhir (Sanjay Mishra), a character artist of the bygone era.

 He has appeared in 499 films.  Now he wants that somehow he gets to work in another film and his number of films increases to 500.  In such a situation he meets.

From his casting director friend Gulati (Deepak Dobriyal).  Gulati also gives him work in a film.  Now the difficulty is that in this changed era, the director needs real acting, not dramatic!  And Sudhir has spent all his life playing theatrical characters!  .  .  .  The film gradually begins to show its impact, but once it makes the audience jealous, then it does not get tighter.  Sanjay Mishra has done amazing acting.  Sometimes depressed, he has given life to the character of an old frustrated actor living in Tokbitation.  Anyone who has seen the Hindi films of earlier times will feel connected with the character of Sudhir.  The film also raises the question, without saying anything, why in our film industry, important characters are not created for older actors even today?  Why such stories do not come out,

Those who can prove that those who were called 'sidekick' for so many years also have some existence.  There has been a debut with films like 'Badhaai Ho' and '102 Not Out', but we all know what their number is.  The film stars Avatar Gill, Guddi Maruti, Lilliput, Birbal, Viju Khote from the bygone era, who are very happy to see together on the cinematic screen.  The screenplay of Radhika Anand's dialogue and Hardik Mehta impresses.  Mumbai is a very strange city, makes habit of rejections.  As the dialogues remain in memory even after the film ends.  The story is also written by Hardik Mehta, for which he should be praised.  The film may be on an artist who continued to play masala films throughout his life, but based on his own life story, this film is of today's era mood.  Natural, natural  The film is also no less effective on the entertainment front.


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