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Corona free treatment

Corona patients will have free treatment:
The budget session of Bihar Legislature also came under the shadow of the fear of corona virus spread in more than 148 countries of the world.  The session ended on Monday.  The budget session of the Bihar Legislature starting from 24 February was proposed till 31 March, but was shortened to 15 days in the wake of vigilance by the corona virus.

After passing
After passing the budget and bill of all the departments in the house, the house was adjourned indefinitely from 17 March in the afternoon.  On this subject, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said in the House that the state government has taken a lot of decisions from its level so that people are made aware of this virus because not only to be afraid of this infection but to be alert and aware of it  is. He said that not yet a infected person has been found in the state by this virus but The government will bear the entire cost of its treatment and if

someone dies...
someone dies, their families will be given a compensation of Rs 4 lakh.  100 additional ventilators have been ordered in hospitals and the Pataliputra Hotel in Patna, which has been closed for one-and-a-half years, will be cleaned and kept for quarantine in which people will be suspected.  _ The Chief Minister reacted strongly to the imposition of Section 144 in some districts, saying that it was a wrong decision and it has been withdrawn immediately as such a step cannot be taken to make the public aware.  Later speaking to journalists, he said that there is no restriction on the movement of pilgrims.  As it is, the number of pilgrims coming to Bodh Gaya has decreased, but what will come will be screened.  Describing the misconception about wearing the mask, Nitish said that it can be used after that it should be burnt or buried in the ground. 

The Chief Minister...
The Chief Minister expressed displeasure over the distribution of masks by anyone in the House.  Earlier on Monday, the management of prevention of Corona virus was discussed in the Assembly under attention notice.  The AG report was tabled in the House.  Along with this, the demands for grants included in the income expenditure of all departments were accepted.  The Bihar Appropriation Bill 2020, presented by Finance Minister Sushil Modi, was also passed.  Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Prasad Yadav accused Health Minister Mangal Pandey of demanding that the Chief Minister sack him as he was not following the government's guide line and was running away from his accountability.  On this, Pandey stood up and denied the charges of the Leader of Opposition and said that there should be no politics on Corona.  In the House, the Chief Minister also mentioned the rainfall and hail in February and March.  He said that 31, 900 hectares of crop was damaged in 11 districts in February and the agriculture department is analyzing the crop damage due to rain in March.  He said that farmers will be compensated for crop damage.  Tejashwi demanded that the traders should also make up for the loss caused by the corona.

Across the country
Transportation should also be reduced.  Health Ministry Joint Secretary Luv Agarwal said that the fourth batch of 53 more Indians from Iran has reached home.
All are under special surveillance in Jaisalmer under the protocol.  He said that there have been four new cases in the country.  One case has been confirmed in Odisha, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh and Kerala.  At present there are 114 confirmed cases in the country.  At the same time, more than 5, 200 people who come in contact with them have been identified.  Those who are kept under surveillance.  So far 13 corona-infected patients have been corrected, while two have died.  Health Ministry Joint Secretary said, the Ministry of External Affairs has started a call center regarding Shkorona.  All Indians will be helped through this.  This call center will work 24 hours.  Passengers from the European Union, the UK and Turkey have been banned from 18 March until further orders.  Health ministry officials told that 13 of these people have been discharged from the hospital on recovery while two have died.  He said that the first case of infection has been confirmed in the eastern state of Odisha.  Many states have declared closure almost to prevent the infection from spreading.

Not inadvertent, today...
It is said that the governor was angry with this.  In a letter to Kamal Nath on Monday evening, Governor Tandon said, "It is a matter of regret that you have expressed your inability to conduct floor test in the assembly by writing a letter instead of proving your majority in the time period given by me."  Inattention, which has no justification and basis.  The reasons you have given for not conducting the floor test are baseless and meaningless.

The governor said, I know how to follow the order:
Earlier, 106 MLAs, including former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, had reached Raj Bhavan in protest against the floor test not being conducted in the assembly on Monday.  There was a parade of MLAs in front of the Governor.  After talking to everyone, the governor said, "When I gave instructions, it should have been followed."  He told the MLAs that you remain relaxed, whatever appropriate action will be taken, I will do it.  I know to follow your order.

BJP reached Supreme Court to demand floor test
The BJP also created a ruckus in the House for not having a floor test.  Shivraj Singh Chauhan later paraded 106 BJP MLAs in front of the governor, claiming that the Kamal Nath government was in a minority.  BJP has also gone to the Supreme Court to demand the floor test, which will be heard tomorrow.  A bench of Justice DY Chandrachud and Justice Hemant Gupta will hear it.

devotee and God...
He has appealed to the returned Indians to spend 28 days in isolation before coming to the temple.  Sai Baba Sansthan Trust in Shirdi has appealed the devotees not to come for darshan at present.  Swami Narayan Temple has stopped large events in its temples around the world.

In Jagannath Temple Puri, devotees have to make a distance of two meters from each other: 
has issued manuals for the darshan of devotees at the 12th-century Jagannath Temple in Puri (Odisha).  According to the temple administration, devotees will have to wear masks during the puja and wash their hands continuously.  They have to avoid touching their nose, ears and eyes.  Devotees have also been instructed to stand in queues and maintain a distance of about two meters.  At the same time, it has been decided to stop visiting the Pitambara Peeth in Datia.  The Pitambara Peeth has been closed from 18 March to 5 April.

More than fifty ...
It will remain closed till 31 March.  No more than 50 people can gather in any kind of event except marriage.  Kejriwal said that we also request for weddings that if we can postpone the date, please postpone it.  Kejriwal officials have also been instructed that portable handwash stations should be installed at all important places in the city to avoid the menace of Corona virus, so that people can easily wash their hands at any time and reduce the risk of this virus.  The meeting was chaired by the Chief Minister in which Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, Health Minister Satyendra Jain, Chief Secretary and Health Secretary of Delhi were also present.

50 thousand crores...
52305 of the financial year 2006-07 to 2017-18.  Utilization certificate amounting to Rs 35 crore is pending at the department level.  Financial affairs experts say that not timely submission of utility certificate or not depositing it is pointing to a big scam in Jharkhand.  On the basis of previous experiences, it is perfectly logical to say that, because the departments where earlier big scam games were played, even those departments did not surrender utility certificates in relation to spending crores of rupees in the Accountant General's office.  did .  MLA Pradeep Yadav also agrees.  He says that such a situation creates the possibility of a large amount of scam.  Pradeep Yadav said that he has brought this matter to the notice of the government.

Double layer mask held captive in central prison
Muzaffarpur, 16 March (D. No.).  Following an alert issued on the coronavirus in the state, the Department of Prisons has immediately banned visits to all prisons, as well as directed prison administrators and detainees to use sanitizers and masks from the point of view of protection from the corona virus.  has gone .  But in Muzaffarpur district, masks and sanitizers are completely extinct from the medicine mandis.  Because of which the common people as well as special people are facing a lot of problems.  Can't find sanitizer and mask.  In view of this, a double-layer mask of tissue paper is being manufactured by convicted prisoners in Shaheed Khudiram Bose Central Jail.  This mask will be used by the Muzaffarpur Jail Administration as well as all the prisoners in the jail.  When asked in the case, the Central Jail Superintendent Rajiv Kumar Singh said that the instructions were being followed by the department directed about the corona virus.  About 50 captives are making double-layer masks.  In this work, all the rules directed by the department will also be followed by the Kara rules.

Advocates will support the High Court's decision in the havoc of Corona
Patna City, 16 March.  The cases in public interest will not be heard by the administration in charge of Patna City Behavioral Court.  After the decision, the Patna City Bar Advocate or absentee association of the plaintiff also met.  On stay, no order will be passed by the court in this regard.  In such a situation, Chairman Naveen Kumar, all of us, also made this decision while honoring Sinha and Sanjay Kumar, the decision of the court.  During this time it should be said.  However, Carona virus has reduced its number of advocates at the international level.  The reason for the court's time attendance is recorded.  While it was going on, due to which people were less busy in their India and busy with their client work in Bihar, no one has gone so far.  Most advocates have got here.  Nevertheless, the ADJ here had a cry that the court is vacant by one or all the judges and JM together.  In this, the ADJ has decided that as of 31 March, four of the seven courts are vacant.  Bail application and extreme subjugation - Court of 3 and 5 is vacant.  Other ACJMs except required cases - are on a leave.

After most of the courts are vacant, Corona now makes lawyers cry

write by DR MD USMAN


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