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Corona has caused havoc in many countries, experts have also expressed apprehension that bats are the mother of the dangerous virus, in such a situation, people are not only vigilant with bats but also fearful of them.  But there is a village in Supaul where about five lakh bats live in a 50-acre garden and people are fond of it.  The special thing is that the people of this colony protect the bats.

People believe
People believe that bats are a boon for this colony And due to the presence of this Triveniganj subdivision, till today, he is considered to be a symbol of prosperity in Laharniya village, not any disaster in Sukh village.  Could.  The bats whom Laharnian Village Prof.  Singh is a sanctuary for bats, scared to see Ajay, he is trying to make those bats in Bihar.  They are being sheltered.  You ancestors have seen bats in the movies, all of them in the movies.  I sheltered and today Ajay is following the same tradition in most horror films.  The bats are given a roll in this 50-acre garden.  Generally, bats have been planted especially to see bats in cities or villages.  See you  The bats which are used to increase the horror of Ajay and his family in horror films are used to keep in mind that bats are harmed, while Supaul should not reach the district headquarters.

Number of bats
There are a number of bats here, about thirty km away from millions. Villagers say that the bats that live here are vegetarians and larger than other bats.  These are considered to be a rare category of bats. They leave in the dark and return before dawn. Come back first.  It is said that these bats have never damaged crops or fruits.  The people of the village, including the family of bats-raising Ajay Singh, consider it auspicious.

Villagers also confirm this belief.  It has been said that even in the devastating flood of Kosi that came in 2008, this area was saved from drowning. This area was saved from drowning.  The villagers believe that the bats do not spread the epidemic.  All the villagers take care of the bats.  In the recent earthquake also bats had indicated.  People from far and wide reach the village to see bats.

Corona has become epidemic.
After China, Italy and Spain have now become its centers.  A record 368 people died in Italy in 24 hours on Sunday and 122 in Spain.  Earlier in Italy itself, 250 people died from Corona in a single day.  However, it is not appropriate to compare this epidemic to any other event.  Death figures are steadily increasing.  Many cities of the world are being locked down.  The whole world has become confused.  An invisible virus has frightened the world and humans have proved to be dwarf in front of this virus.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday asked the heads of government of SAARC countries to return to their traditions and face this virus together.  Indeed, the outbreak of the corona virus is a sign from nature to humans.  Living is a sign of a change in tolerance.  It is a sign of a return to nature and traditions.  Indicates population control.  Currently playing the role of villain in human nature.  Human is playing with the whole nature.  The natural balance is being disturbed for material comforts.  With this, apart from taking away the facilities of housing and food for millions of life, inanimate resources are also being destroyed.  The residential structure of forests, rivers, mountains, stones, soil, fields, animals and animals is being destroyed.  Non-vegetarians are all over the world and are eating lifelessly, but Chinese citizens have done too much.  Natural sweepers are making hyena, dog, cat even their diet.  Meat of at least 120 types of animals is eaten in China.  Now that Corona has caused havoc all over the world, people all over the world are insisting on cleanliness.  Medical science and all the scriptures have been saying beforehand that cleanliness is necessary for a healthy life, because every germ, virus etc. are born due to dirt, but these things did not come in people's minds.  Similarly, scientists have been saying for decades that due to deforestation, the temperature of the earth is rising, glaciers are melting, climate change is happening, but people are not listening.  While increasing temperature, many types of microbes are getting favorable environment.  Malaria, smallpox, cholera, dengue, gonorrhea, hepatitis, influenza, leprosy, measles, plague, tetanus, TV, AIDS, periodic fever, swine flu, etc. are contagious and are associated with filth and certain temperatures.  If nature is allowed to remain balanced, then the germs of many diseases automatically die prematurely.  Human is not affected.  Therefore it is necessary to understand the signs of nature and return to nature.

The Board of Airlines Representatives has called for a 30% reduction in aeronautical charges for the next 6 months in India.  So that aviation companies can get immediate relief from coronavirus virus.  Aeronautical charges include fees associated with the route and terminal navigation service.  Foreign airline body meeting Aviation Secretary Pradeep Singh said that the coronavirus is having a very bad effect on the airline industry.  In this adversity, there is a lot of pressure on us. On Monday, the Air India Pilot Union also demanded the government to provide National Career Financial Assistance (financial assistance) on this basis.  The union said the current situation is worrisome because of travel restrictions and flight cancellation by various countries.  The DGCA has asked the airlines to refund the ticket cancellation charge of passengers.  BALR 36 represents the international airline.  These include Air France KLM, AirAsia, Cathy, Delta, Etihad, Gulf Air, Kuwait Airways, Malaysia Airline, Singapore Airline, Qatar Airways and Air India from India, Vistara prominently.

Aviation companies have asked the US government for a relief package of $ 5000 million.  Trade group Airline for America said that this is a worse time for the airline industry than 9/11.  Day by day there is a huge reduction in demand.  We need immediate relief from the government.  Similarly, Britain's largest airline British Airways has said that it can cancel at least 75 per cent of its flights in April and May.

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