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coronavirus india cases update

coronavirus india cases update

The State Government, District Helpline Number: 
104, 06274 Administration and Block level 222331, 06274 - 222334, officers and personnel are engaged at their level 06274 - 222335, 06274 to prevent the increasing infection of Corona virus.  Department of Health 222336, 06274 - 222337 Department also 06274 - 222338 in day and night service. 

The corona is engaged.  
In the efforts being made by the district administration to prevent virus infection, the preparation of your people administration is good.  If we get the participation of the people, then according to the instructions, all the concerned officers will be able to fight their respective corona better. 

Awareness vigilance and Shashank Shubhankar have done the work of Samastipur District Sanitizing in Samastipur District Magistrate area.  An appeal from the administration in this context to residents of Samastipur such as District Transport Officer who have made all passenger buses vehicles that have got your locality, hamlet, sanitized and buses removed from any post and seat cover in the village or town along  In the last 15 days, if the other bus station has also come from the states or abroad, then it has been sanitized. 

District (whether or not the Panchayati Raj officer has symptoms of corona infection present) 
Please ensure that information about the masked person is distributed to the district and sanitizer in Kovid 19 control room for everyone in that office.  Give or give to your public representatives, whoever needs information related to the district administration public representatives in the office premises is constantly in touch.  By doing this, the officer immediately gets the helpline to talk about the corona infection in the district and the concerned chain can be stopped at the time and check with the medical officer. 

information of the necessary
We would be grateful for your cooperation in making sure to send this  is the District Magistrate has yet to issue a helpline number for any positive for the residents, and the case has not been found in the district.  The District Officer has appealed to get the information of the necessary suggestions to the District residents.  Has given a message that the Corona virus infection can be prevented through caution, awareness, cleanliness, social distancing, of the Kovid 19 control room.  Also, give information about the person coming from outside to the concerned PHC and district administration as soon as possible.  There is no need to panic people, the situation is under control.

To deal with Corona.  CISF took steps from Bokaro Thermal: 
Corona on tuesday, Deputy Commandant Alok Kumar in the CISF unit of DVC, Bokaro Thermal, took necessary steps for the soldiers and officers of his unit.  DC has constructed a two-room isolation ward in the houses of the fire wing located at the CISF unit.  Apart from this, the process of making two-bed wards is also going on.  The process is in progress.  On the instructions of DC, Inspector Sandeep Kumar has constructed the isolation ward.  Giving the above information, DC |  Alok Kumar said that at present no such complaints of any kind have been received in the unit.  Necessary steps have been taken to take precautions.  In the isolation ward.  On the basis of doubt, the affected will be placed in self quarantine.  Leave of all soldiers and officers postponed till further orders.

Kunda (Chatra): 
At the Kunda block headquarters on Tuesday, police officials appealed to the people to close the shops as per the orders of the government.  He told the people that apart from ration shops, medical and vegetable shops, all shops are instructed to close.  The number of victims of Carona virus is increasing in the country.  A big decision has been taken by the Government of Jharkhand regarding the prevention of Carona virus.  Lockdown has been done in Jharkhand till 31 March.  Kunda police station in-charge Ramvriksha Ram told the Block Headquarters and the people of remote areas of the Block that you are appealing to all the villagers and Block residents not to walk on the road unnecessarily.  Stay home looking at the safety of yourself and your family.  Work to make people more and more aware through mobile phones.  Section 144 is applicable in the area.  Police action will be initiated against those who do not follow the government orders.  All activity of businessmen in Kunda is at a standstill.  There is silence for the third consecutive day at the block headquarters.

Zip member distributes masks Jayanagar: Central District Council member Pawan Singh of the block is distributing free masks among the needy.  He distributed masks in various villages including Pethiyabagi Bazaar, Bagodih, Amjo, Pipacho, Nawadih.  He said that the global pandemic coronavirus has shaken all sections, every common and special is only afraid of it.  Rather, this virus has created an economic problem.  The essential goods were found till noon, Firpasra silence Gola: After the declaration of Jharkhand being called down in the wake of prevention of corona virus infection, availability of essential goods from morning to morning became easy.  But the shops also closed in the afternoon.  While the general market remained completely closed.  Policemen were deployed everywhere, who used to explain and hijack those who roam around unnecessarily and those who see the spectacle and send them back home.  Fewer people turned out on Tuesday than Monday.  Hundreds of people shopped in the morning market.

Investigation of 70 laborers, sending two people to RIMS Gola:
In Gola block, awareness of corona virus is continuously increasing.  On Tuesday, after the immense support of Janata Kafriu, 70 laborers from various states of the country were brought to the Community Health Center for treatment by the Health Department.  Two people were sent for rims examination for better treatment here.  It was told that all these laborers used to work as wage laborers in various companies in Maharashtra, Pune, Kerala, West Bengal.  These companies are locked in after the Corona virus crisis.  After this, all the magdars have returned to their respective villages.  On reaching the village, the villagers informed the health department.  It was told that many laborers are ill in this.  They have not been investigated in the Health Department.  It has been demanded that these should be investigated soon.

Lockdown to Chattara district Lockdown to Chatra district to Pasra Sannata Chatra: Lockdown (lockout) has been carried out in entire Jharkhand till March 31 by the government of Chief Minister Hemant Soran to save the people of Jharkhand from the Corona virus which is causing worldwide panic.  The lockdown has caused silence in Chatra district and shops are being shut down as per the instructions of the government.  District administration and police officials are very seriously active to ensure the lockdown is fully compliant.

Unrestricted Garhwa for suspension of Meral BDO: 
The district administration is fully prepared for the success of the lock-down campaign being carried out in the Garhwa district carrying the Corona virus.  On behalf of the administration, a police team has been deputed along with the magistrates at the Chowk intersection of District Headquarters, Garhwa, while senior officials of the Police Department including District High Officer Deputy Commissioner Harsh Mangla also came out to review the lock-down and inspected it.  During this, the ASP Sadan Kamar of Garhwa also reprimanded some people, showing strictness.  At the same time, he also instructed the people who came on the road unnecessarily that they did not leave the house without any necessary work, while Deputy Commissioner Harsh Mangla kept missing from the headquarters without informing Meral's BDO Manoj Kumar Tiwari, who was lax in compliance with the government's instruction.  Is recommended to suspend the government on charges of

Karmakandi of Torelawa was defeated Mourning Bhawanathpur (Garhwa): 
The last rites of Savitri Kunar, 65-year-old mother of Karmakandi Pand Gopal Pathak, resident of village Torelawa, were conducted on Tuesday on the banks of the Panda River.  He was admitted to RIMS by relatives after suffering brain hemorrhage.  His body reached the village of Torelawa late on Monday night.  On Tuesday, younger son Ajit Kumar Pathak offered fire.  At the funeral, Kameshwar Pathak, Indrajit Pathak, Dharmajit Pathak, Sachchidanand Pathak, Sripathak, Sunil Pathak, Mithilesh Pathak, Kamlesh Pathak, Ashwini Pathak, Koshalesh Mishra, Ajay Pathak, Sudhansh Pathak, Ravi Pathak etc.

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