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Delhi is famous
Delhi is famous for its flavors, but these days the flavors of this place have also got the eye of Corona.  People have started to avoid eating outside things, forcing people who are going out are using food and drink only by thinking.  And when it comes to healthy eating, what else can be better than juice.  If you too are looking for healthy drinks and juices these days, you will find delicious juices at many places which will give you taste as well as give you the strength to fight against diseases.  There are many old and famous juice corners in the capital which are serving juicy fruit juice for your good health.

Real taste of Himachal fruits: If you want to enjoy pure and flavored fruit juices coming out of Himachal gardens then reach Mandi House.  Here at HPMC Juice Corner outside Himachal Bhavan you will find such juicy fruit juice of Himachal that you will forget to drink cold drinks and shake.  Mix fruit punch, natural juice, apple juice, kiwi drink, lychee, guava, mango, lemon, pineapple, pomegranate juice are available at this 40 year old shop.

According to the shopkeeper, these juices are packed in bottles from Himachal and brought to Delhi.  Are done.  If you are tired from Rs 25 to Rs 50 due to the constraints of work, then take time to get juice bottles for even a rupee and drink juice once here.  You will feel better than you for the freshness and elation juice inside your health at a low price.  Will happen .  Not only is the vegetable juice also not only Mandi House, at Subhash Juice & Road, Punjabi Bagh, Baba Kharag Shakes Corner located at Lawrence ITO, you can get Rs. 30 to Singh Marg, Indira Gandhi International for Rs. 80 to Taste of Airport, New Delhi.

One can taste the railway stations
One can taste the railway stations with plenty of juice.  Juice enthusiasts of AIIMS, Zoo, Hauz Khas etc. can also taste good number of HPMC juice at good places here.  This is 100 percent pure juice from any kind of adulteration that you can enjoy without worrying, here you can enjoy the favorite juice with the tagline of Health Great Test.  45 years old is sold.  In Himachal's gardens, this juice is prepared without any adulteration with the local people, and people working in the nearby office also come to drink juice.  Apart from Vegetable Juice, Mix Fruit Juice, Kinnu Juice, Tomato Juice and Beet Juice, Banana and Shake Shake, Date Shake, Apple Shake, etc. will be available here which will give good taste as well.  At the same time, a large number of people will be seen drinking coconut water and milk shake at the famous Gupta juice corner located on Barakhamba Road.  Milk shake is very popular here.  There is a large crowd of people outside this shop throughout the day.  Especially the youth reach here to drink juice and shake.

The corona virus is a major crisis
The corona virus is a major crisis not just for any country, but for the entire world.  But today we have to be aware of this problem.  It has to be avoided to make an epidemic of rumors.  This is the biggest strength and quality of this era that we can take our word to any corner of the world in the blink of an eye.  But this power has become a double-edged sword for the last few days, especially in the case of Corona.  A WhatsApp message is also spreading these days that the corona virus will be eradicated automatically as the heat intensifies.

It is a rumor anyway.  Experts about Kovid-19 believe that it does not matter much from summer, winter.  The Director General of the World Health Organization, Tredos Gebrecius, has appealed to stop many such rumors.  They say that spreading misinformation of any kind can have an impact on the campaign to prevent the disease.  Not only has he urged all the governments of the world to curb the rumors, but has also asked all the search engines to remove such information as soon as they see it.  How dangerous corona is to the world today can be gauged by the fact that the virus has spread to 170 more countries.

Alarm of rumors in India
Alarm of rumors in India about the Corona virus is that various types of information are being circulated through social media, including what is being said, what can be done to cure this disease.  In India, various types of treatment are being reported on social media and this is not happening only in India.  A message from social media has revealed that an American priest also claimed that colloidal silver (a metal dissolved in liquid) would kill the corona virus in 12 hours and strengthen the body's immune system.  But there is no evidence that drinking silver is beneficial, rather it can cause kidney damage.

In fact, researchers
In fact, researchers are trying to find a cure for the fast spreading corona virus, but many fake treatments are going viral on social media.  Rumors are many times more dangerous than corona virus is as dangerous.  However, governments all over the world and the World Health Organization are constantly asking people to beware of such rumors.  But there is an old saying that as long as a lie is denied, it takes seven rounds of the world.  The rumors being spread about the corona virus are similar to this.  One or two days ago, a rumor was spread in Delhi NCR that the doorbell should be played.  The corona virus can be spread by bringing packets of blood and even newspaper, whereas it is perfectly clear that the corona virus is not spread through newspaper.

Extensive research
Extensive research is being done day and night in various countries regarding the treatment of corona borne disease and from those researches it has come out that on soft surface, corona varus would have been alive for two days and on hard surface it could be alive for nine days.  Could stay .  Accordingly, it cannot be more than three hours in air and its presence in rubber and glass and copper cannot be more than four to five hours.  Overall, the only thing to say is that this disease should be prevented from becoming the world's deadliest pandemic by providing an air of rumors.

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