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Dream Planet

Dream planet

Dream Planet Story

Uncle, how long will our vehicle on the planet Venus arrive?  Chhotu asked while yawning.  When these red bulbs start burning, just understand that the planet Venus has arrived.  Chachaji pointed to the bulb with a finger.  Chhotu was a student of class nine, today was going to the planet Venus with his scientific uncle for the first time.  When - when uncle came to Earth from Venus, then - then he would ask to go with them, but he was always deceived by making some excuse.  This time, when the uncle came, he caught his insistence on going with him.  The uncle had to agree to take her with him.  A small dress was also made for him to go to the planet Venus.  On a certain day, he sat in a rocket with uncle and flew towards the planet.  On the way he was immersed in golden fantasies.  Thinking about the planet Venus and the people there, he got sleepy.  When the eyes opened, I saw that the vehicle was still moving.  After listening to his uncle, he again waited impatiently for the red bulb to burn out.  Chhote, come here, uncle called him.  Chhotu got up from his seat and started to uncle.  On approaching, uncle pointed to the window and said - Look into it, what is visible?  Chhotu was surprised when he looked through the window.  A big ball was shining outside.  This is our earth, we have come from here, uncle said.  Wow, our earth looks so cute.  The small mind became happy after thinking.  Only then a slight pa - p sound was heard.  The little one turned towards the bulb and looked.  The bulb was burning again and again.  Uncle, has Venus arrived?  Chhotu asked quickly, yes, we are going to land on Venus in a few moments.  The uncle said and he started speaking some strange language on the mike in one corner of the vehicle.  Then there was a shock and the vehicle stopped.

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Shorty got out of the vehicle with uncle.  Seeing the outside view, his eyes widened with surprise.  People of small and small bizarre powers were flying in the air like birds fly on the earth.  The color of the sky here was yellow and the flowers were shining like flowers on the small wonderful trees, like electric bulbs are burning.  He was turning his eyes around that uncle told him - little, you have to roam on the planet.  Take this controller.  With the help of this button, you can roam the planet beyond you, when you have to come, press this blue button.  Chhotu took controller from uncle and then slowly pressed the green button in the corner.  As soon as he pressed the button, he started rising from the ground.  After a few moments he too was flying in the air like other people.  He was very thrilled to see strange sightings while walking around the planet.  While flying, he reached such a place, where many large plates were kept.  He pressed the button to come down in his controller, as soon as he pressed the button, he slowly started moving towards the ground.  Hey, these are flying devotees, as soon as they hit the ground, the little mind murmured.  He had heard a lot about the Udantashtaris from his teacher and from his father.  Today he was seeing all those things with his eyes.  He thought mind - well, this flying fly comes from here on our earth, now he was tearing his eyes and seeing it all of a sudden he saw - out of the small door of a flying flight, two strange faces of people came out.  Heading towards it.  He started feeling scared after seeing them.  He quickly pressed the flying button in his controller, but even after pressing the button, he stood there.

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Now his fear started increasing.  He could not understand what to do.  Even his uncle was not here.  As soon as he remembered his uncle, he pressed the button leading to him, but this time also he could not move from his place.  Those two strange people had now come very close to him.  As soon as he came near, he caught him and lifted him up.  As soon as he was caught, a strange tingle started in little body.  Where are you taking me?  I have to go to my uncle, Chhotu shouted.  But his talk had no effect on both of them.  Don't know why these people are taking me  After thinking this, Chotu's throat started drying up.  He started feeling very thirsty.  Both of them entered into Udnashtari with him.  Chhotu Kobra felt strange as he went inside.  His thirst ended on its own.  Inside, there were other people like them, who were doing something sitting on bizarre chairs hanging in the air.  His uncle was also sitting in the middle of it all.  On seeing Chhotu, he said - Say Chhoti, how was Venus?  Chhot's life came to life after seeing his uncle.  He smiled and said - Very well, but here everything is bizarre.  It also bases.  Even before the completion of Chhotu's sentence, uncle laughed hoarsely and then said to those two men, let him sit in a chair.  As soon as Uncle said, both of them picked up Chhotu and made him sit on the chair.  I do not know how the balance of Chhotu deteriorated and he hanged down from the chair, he would certainly fall down if he had held the chair.  Uncle - Uncle, Save - Save, I fell, shouted very loudly, he closed his eyes in fear.  After a few moments when he opened his eyes, he found that



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