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If we look at the social level, then the present will be able to do this, whereas this is not possible.  With the changing times, the success of the Indian multitasking woman is behind the success of the women-to-family environment, usually by going out and strengthening their job profile, but the members of the house have taken the women for granted.  Multitasking norm for Indian woman.  With work, it has become like every member of the family and they naturally have to take care of their likes and dislikes and are also capable.  But many times multitasking has to be aligned.  Due to lack of family support and being ambitious, she goes on neglecting her health on her health and becomes careless.  In particular, women tend to fall prey to shift duty and depression.

Diseases dominate with increasing stress:
When women push themselves into work more than their capacity, they are mentally connected to two tasks. For one, lack of concentration in the mind also brings home the feeling of failure.  Till here she comes.  Secondly, the level of stress in their brain increases that depression or anxiety, insomnia, hypertension etc. goes on and in the nature of irritability, anger and other mental troubles too.  Starts coming  Small things also affect the body, such as frequent headaches, back pain, irregular menstruation, and in many cases the possibility of infertility is seen.  Due to irritability in nature, she starts to overreact to small things about family and close ones.  This changes their image or identity.  Many times she leaves some work incomplete or lags behind others.

Never be late ...
One should not go to the psychiatrist only if no root cause is found behind the stress, while many successful women do not hesitate to go for investigation.  When they feel that they are professionally successful, then what can be lacking in them.  In this way, the stress is sustained for a long time.  Sometimes, when the situation becomes serious, negativity prevails and takes any wrong step. Are addicted to drugs or start harming themselves.

What is the process of treatment:
Psychologists treat according to the patient's condition.  First of all, by looking at the case history and symptoms of the woman, we find out what exactly is her problem.  Suitable medicine is given to overcome physical problems.  Counseling sessions are done to solve the problems, in which Couples - Counseling, Family - Counseling, Psychiatry, Behavior therapy is given to women who cannot adjust due to personality. There is often a situation where women or family members ignore mental stress and its causes.  When psychologists consult and put those things in front of them, then they accept them.  6 - 8 psychotherapy counseling sessions are conducted according to the patient's condition.  In 10 - 15 days, the patient starts to feel better and gradually becomes normal.


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