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Science Market
On the occasion of National Science Day, a science fair was organized in Kalpana's school.  In this fair, all the children were learning new things about the unique world of space, chemistry, physics etc.  Aliens were also shown in the fair along with Mars, Venus, Saturn, Moon.  All the children were watching the aliens very carefully.  His most curious thing was to know about the aliens.

Science Teacher
On the other hand, science quiz was also going on.  Science teacher Atul Sir asked - Yes kids, can anyone tell who has the fastest speed?  Rocket key, Twitter.  Sir, of air.  Kanak raised his hand.  No sir, electricity, Veena cut Kanak's talk.  Along with this, the sound of light from somewhere, then the speed of light from anywhere is the fastest in the class.  Then a loud voice came from the back bench.  Sir, the fastest speed of the horses of imagination, Vishal stood on his bench and said.  On hearing this, people started looking at Kalpana.  But sir, I do not have a horse at all, I was shocked.  The whole class giggled.

Children, if we talk about science, the speed of light is the fastest, so the distances of planets are measured in light years, but if we go beyond the rules of science, then the point of Vishal is perfect.  Atul sir too was now in a mood of grief.  How is that sir?  Kalpana asked. Now look, you saw at the Space Science Fair that it takes some time for air, lightning, sound, rocket, even light to reach any planet, but we ride on the horse of imagination  Can reach any planet instantly.  Atul Sir insisted on the word 'Kalpana', and the class once again laughed.  Kalpana was also involved in this time.  After this, the class varied for a long time.  Things about planets and aliens living on them.  Kept happening  All the children were enjoying this discussion very much.  Home from school after the fair ends in the evening.  Even after arriving, imagine only about planets and aliens.  Kept thinking

Mom, do people like us or aliens live on other planets too?  At night he asked his mother.  Don't know son, there is a lot to be heard, but whether there is actually life or not, nothing can be said about it.  It is too late at night, now you sleep, the mother said and closed the light and went away.  Mother has gone, but where is the sleep in Kalpana's eyes?  She was still thinking about aliens.  Then suddenly he saw two bulbs burning in the dark.  Those bulbs were moving towards the same.  Kalpana got horrified.  On approaching, he saw a beautiful child standing in front of him.  The child was wearing something like a crown on her head and what she perceived as a bulb were the antennae on the crown, which were moving in the fan air.

Children Reaction
The child was constantly staring at the imagination.  He was also speaking something, but Kalpana could not understand anything other than wheezing.  Kalpana's knickers were tied.  Now the child started trying to understand something with a hand gesture, But Kalpana could not understand her language and gestures.  Then the child put a crown like that on Kalpana's head.  Surprisingly, Kalpana began to understand the child's language as she wore the crown.  You don't want to know about aliens.  I am alien  I have come from far away planet.  Come with me  Bring you my planet  Saying this, the child grabbed Kalpana's hand and closed her eyes.  The next moment they were both standing in an unknown place.

What Kalpana saw with open eyes was beyond her imagination.  He saw that there were huge ice-cream mountains, syrupy candies and trees lined with toffees in the gardens.  Kalpana was seeing only children there, who looked very happy.  Every child's head was wearing the same crown as the Alien child had imagined.  Why are there only children here?  Where is your mother and father?
When Kalpana asked, the child took her to a big field.  Small children were grown there like plants.  Our parents are not parents.  When these children grown in this field become three feet, then they will be separated and included with us.  Our length keeps increasing.  One of us whose length will be four feet.  It will end by itself, the child explained to him.  Meaning, will he die?  Kalpana got nervous.  No one dies here with us, it ends and rises again, the child said, then Kalpana started playing applause after being happy.  After this Kalpana consumed ice cream and chocolate whole heartedly.  Drank sherbet and played with children.  Now you should go.  Lets leave you back on your planet, the child said and closed Kalpana's eyes and held her hand.  Kalpana had returned as soon as she opened her eyes.  Before leaving the child began to remove his crown from Kalpana's head.  Oh listen, I have not asked your name.  Shall we meet again  Kalpana asked.Why not, we will meet when you want.  And yes, my name is - Kalpana's horse, saying that the child disappeared.
At this point, Kalpana's eyes opened, so she found that she slept on her bed.  is .  With the help of Kalpana's horse, she visited the unique science fair today.



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