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Music 🎶 
The range of music is not just limited to entertainment.  Many researched things are said about Indian classical music and its effects Cl.  Actually, music has a direct effect on our emotions.  Many researches have also been done on the effects of music on health.  Numerous benefits of song and music have been reported in many research results conducted around the world.  The most important is that if you have an attachment to music, then your body and mind health will also be better.

Concentration increases with music
Music controls the deviation of the mind.  If you have a habit of going to rum in music, then it will increase your concentration.  Research has also told that patients' pain can be reduced by listening to music at the time of surgery.  In many cases the need to give anesthesia to the patient after the use of music was not felt.  Trees and music showed quick and accurate growth in music, music has proved to be very effective in treating mental illnesses like enzymes and depression.  Music has also been found to have a positive effect on patients with autism, dementia, physical disability.  In view of all these things, if you want, you can work full time or part time by becoming a music therapist.

Job opportunities
In big health centers or hospitals, where offbeat methods of treatment are also tried, services of music therapists are used.  Music therapists work in close coordination with pediatricians and other health professionals.  Speech or Language Therapist, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist, Motivational Expert and Social Workers also take the support of Music Therapist in their work.  As a music therapist, you can get jobs in various sectors of your interest.  Music therapy is used to treat children with disabilities.  Schools of such children are also appointed as music therapists.  Many corporate houses organize workshops from time to time to rid their employees of depression and anxiety.  Music therapists are also called along with psychologists there.

Can do a course in music therapy
To become a music therapist, the main subject should be a twelfth and bachelor's degree with music or a bachelor's degree in psychology.  Also, the fine details of music is also necessary.  During this time you will have to learn occupational therapy, nursing and social work.

Premier institute
Sent Meera College, Pune.  (One year fulltime or two years part time postgraduate diploma in clinical music therapy).

An online foundation course is conducted for basic information about music therapy at the Chennai School of Music Therapy.  Those who have a degree in this related field can take a Post Graduate Diploma in Music Therapy here.

Certificate course in music therapy can be done from NAD, Center for Music Therapy, Chennai and Delhi.  This is a distance learning course.

You can take a music certificate by taking a six-month part time course at the Mumbai Educational Trust Institute of Alternative Careers.

Center for Music Therapy and Mental Health, Amritsar.  Distance education course in music therapy can be done here.

Essential skills
It is obvious that first you should be crazy about your music.  Apart from this, there should be new ideas and a passion to implement them.  Also understanding the feelings and needs of people, their.  It is also important to be ready for help, to know their sufferings - and to advise properly.


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