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paas nahin aaie : haath na lagaie , keejie najaara door - door se , keejie ishaara door - door se . . .
This was probably from the 1952 film 'Sakhi'.  The song, which starred actors Premnath and Madhubala.  Rajinder Krishna wrote it.  This song composed by Ramchandra and sung by Lata Mangeshkar seems to be the right way to live under the new circumstances of the corona virus.  Many would agree with me that in those days' gestures were a thrill of sorts.  It was a different pleasure to read the eyes of someone you love.  While going away from our lover, we used to calculate the 'love gesture' at the speed of his feet and the eyes of the boys were set at the gestures of his girlfriend's hands.

song reminded
This song reminded me of my maternal grandfather who was very much aware of cleanliness.  He used to wash his clothes himself.  Nana died at the age of 96.  The white wash of his dhoti can never be matched with advertisements of washing powder coming on television nowadays.  I always wondered how their clothes would bear being beaten 100 times on a stone.  They also cleaned the drying rope with a handkerchief, then put clothes to dry.  Some said the same answer when asked, 'I am like that and everyone has to follow it.  But his bonding with me was different, as I was his first Navassa.

All those questions which others could not ask them, those questions were asked through me.  Nana knew this, so he used to answer my questions in a loud voice, so that the answer could be heard at home.  When I asked them that I would come back from school, why can't I hug them or why can't I touch clothes on the clothesline?  He gave a very logical answer, saying - 'I am 70 years old and my immunity to external germs is very less in the fry of all of you.  Therefore I need to protect myself, so that I do not become a burden on you.  "The second rule was that they used to eat hot food in their silver plate. This plate was given to him when he married my grandmother.  was .  He was just 16 then.  Meaning my grandmother was nine years old at the time of marriage.  Interestingly, both of them eat banana leaves or the same plate they got at their wedding.  Wherever he goes with his plate.  They take it and wash them themselves.  No one, even his daughter, was allowed to wash it, except her and my grandmother.

Much later, I came to understand that he preferred to wash his plates on his own due to viruses and illness, while he had many servants at home.  The third and most important rule of our house in the village was that when someone traveled home from Ten (our family was not eligible to travel in an airplane at that time), it was necessary to take a bath first.  Then all utensils and clothes were kept near the well and entry was given to the house.  Then he used to take blessings by doing 'Shashtang Namaskar'.  There was no hug when returning home from anywhere.  He never used to leave or pick up anyone at the station.  There are many such water habits, but not all of which can be practiced practically.

Websites showing pornography 
are being opposed.  A campaign is being run and questions were asked in the Rajya Sabha on this subject.  The government has banned about 900 websites, but the websites grow like weeds.  The European country Sweden is known for publishing pornographic films, clubs and magazines.  In Sweden, pornography, movies are not banned.  This freedom is a boon for tourists.  Significantly, in Sweden, rapes are the least.  It is known that some scenes of Kangana Ranaut starrer 'Queen' have been shot in Sweden's Free Market.  It is remembered that foreign magazines were sold in a shop on Mahatma Gandhi Marg in Indore.  Fortnightly magazines named 'Imprint' and 'Encounter' used to come in a shop on Maharani Road too.  However, the owner of the shop on Gandhi Marg loved to compile such controversial literature.  Friends asked that the shopkeeper has improvised knowledge of English language, so how can he read these books.

The shopkeeper replied with a frown that to read these books more than knowledge of English language is obscene subconscious.  There is a natural tendency in the human mind towards pornography. It is known that the film Dirty Picture starring Vidya Balan presented the pleasures and fears of the heroine of the films considered vulgar.  The inspiration of this film came from the life of a star in South India.  It was that star's undeclared biopic.  In one phase, the then Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, allowed NRIs to export films to overcome the shortage of foreign exchange in the treasury of India and had to deposit five thousand dollars for each film in India.  Countless controversial films in that era were Indian.  Shown in theaters.  Interpolation of film print in the same period.  Started  Under which foreign porn scenes print of Indian film.  Were added to.  It is known that the visual censor board removed from the film was sent to the Film Institute.

Khaksar wished for those scenes.  The institute's warehouse was searched, but the research work was stopped because the film was not named on the cut scene.  There was a noise in the warehouse like garbage.  While walking, there was a fear that you do not have any foot on the vibe of Marilyn Manroe or Elizabeth Taylor?  By moving a wave of lightning, it is known that Merlin Manaro is present somewhere here. It is surprising that Indian Penal Code sections 292, 293, 294 have avoided defining obscenity.

website dictionary
It is written in that.  That the definition given in the website dictionary can be accepted.  The definition implies that obscenity is irrational and hypocritical which arouses jugupsa.  It defies moral standards.  It has also been suggested that the judge refer to the controversial book or film twice.  At other times it is necessary to understand what is the purpose of the writer?  Does he want to earn money by spreading excitement?  Is he presenting a description of a human experience and awakening distorted emotions.  .  The whole matter rests on intention.

In 1933, James Joyce's novel 'Yallis' was accused of being obscene and Judge Valje ruled that it could not be banned because of a small part of any work.  Judgment can be given only on the basis of the overall effect of the entire composition.  However, today it is the responsibility of parents and family to advise teenagers that they have to avoid this poison.  In the darkness of ignorance, mental illnesses spread.


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