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Testing on animals in India Corona Virus

• China closer to making virus          vaccine,
• Testing on animals in India
Corona Virus
The corona virus has spread to about 70 per cent of the world and around one lakh people are vulnerable.  The panic is so much that the whole world is busy in finding a cure for it.  The most affected China has claimed to have made the vaccine, while scientists in India have also developed a drug which is being tested on animals.
What is corona
The virus is named Corona due to its resemblance to the crown in shape.  This virus causes a fatal infection in the lungs.  First, the body temperature of the infected person increases.  Then there is dry cough and difficulty in breathing.  This virus has a large family, in which only six viruses can infect a human being.  The seventh virus is believed to be responsible for spreading the disease.

China: SARS Vaccine Team Prepares Drug The Chinese Army has found a vaccine to escape from Corona.  The drug has been developed by the same Major General's team, who created a vaccine a few years ago to ward off dangerous viruses like SARS (SARS) and Ebola.  The Chinese Army medical team was engaged in preparing the medicine under the leadership of the medical expert Shen Wei of the People's Liberation Army in Wuhan for a month.

India: In six months, tests on humans are busy searching for scientific treatment.  Serum of Pune.  The Institute of India has prepared the vaccine with the help of American biotechnology firm Kodagenics.  According to the company, the vaccine is ready for clinical trial.  It will be tested on humans after six months.  It takes relatively short time to build a protective shield to prevent the virus.

America : Initial tests on the US vaccine after scientists at the US National Institute of Allergy and Infection Disease studied the genetic code of the virus.  Has prepared a special protein.  The director of the institution, Dr.  Anthony reported that the vaccine's initial trials were continuing.  It may take three months to know how safe or effective this vaccine is.  This will then be tested on the human body.

Australia: succeeded in getting the corona virus out of the human body Scientists at Australia's Doherty Institute have succeeded in removing the corona virus from the human body.  The study continues in the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization.  Indian-origin scientist SS Vasan and his team are involved in it.  The drug will be made after identifying the symptoms and other factors for the development of this virus.

British: scientists are also talking about drug experimentation on British animals.  Robin Shattock, a professor and infection specialist at Imperial College in London, said that the human body would be tested after the animals.  Its success depends on how the human body responds during testing.



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