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Europe battling the Corona virus

Europe battling the Corona virus

Europe battling the Corona virus

Covid 19

 The deaths of children and adolescents have refuted the notion that corona virus is not fatal to children.  The people of Europe, which became the center of Corona, have been facing even more horrific events for the past two months.  People say that they have seen such situations for the first time after the Second World War.  More than 80 percent of the world's corona patients are in Europe and America and 90 percent of deaths have occurred here.  Italy, Germany, France and United Kingdom are considered the best health services.

Europe battling the Corona virus

 China will help
 Some of these countries have to ask for help from China.  The number of patients in Italy and Spain has surpassed the number of patients in China and the death toll is three times that of China in Italy and more than double in Spain.  Nestled in the foothills of the Alps ranges, the rich and picturesque northern provinces of Italy and the capital of Spain, Madrid.  Circumstances in the surrounding provinces have been similar to the 1918 flu epidemic.

 Dead body
In the worst-hit Italian province of Bergamo, there has been such a panic of the epidemic that instead of burying the dead, the cremation grounds are being burnt.  The mortal remains of the dead are not able to see even the last sight of the bodies.  The virus is also spreading rapidly in Germany and France.  Germany is ahead in terms of number of patients and France in terms of number of deaths.  The reason for this is that Germany had initially instructed the elders to go into seclusion.  German people are fond of ski sports.  So they go to ski on the snowy peaks and glaciers of Switzerland, Austria, Italy and France in winter.  It was around these areas that the corona virus began to spread.

Europe battling the Corona virus

 Basic circumstances
Germany has a much lower death toll than Italy, Spain, France and Switzerland due to the majority of patients being young and the government's proactive test and track policy.  Like Spain and France, people are feared to die on a large scale due to fewer tests in Britain.  Prime Minister Boris Johnson himself is in exile, along with key members of his virus prevention team.  The royal family and the cabinet are also vulnerable to the virus.

 The role and popularity of the actor
The government has been severely criticized that it is unable to deliver the essential things for the nine more doctors in hospitals.  Far from getting virus tests done on a large scale, even health workers and doctors are not able to get tests.  President of the Royal Physicians College, Prof. Andrew Goddard, says that one out of every four doctors has either fallen ill or gone into exile.  Fearing worsening conditions, the government has ordered twenty-two million antibody test kits.  The results of this antibody test are available within 15 minutes, so it is believed that this test will prove to be transformative in virus prevention.  The biggest casualties of these adverse conditions have been on the livelihood and economy of the people.  After recovering from the severe financial crisis of 2008, the economies of Britain and Europe were slowly moving towards growth.  But production, investment, business and demand have come to a halt due to the recession.  The Center for Economic and Commercial Research says that 15 percent in the British economy in the next quarter.  May decline.  In Germany, apart from Germany, other countries were not able to fully recover from the financial crisis.  That is why the Finance Minister of the German state of Hesse, committed by the deepening economic crisis, committed suicide.

 Economic help
In order to stem the recession and curb unemployment, governments in Europe, Britain and the United States have announced to spend up to 10 per cent of their GDP on relief, breaking all budget restraints.  Central banks have reduced interest rates to zero, offering loans in easy installments and almost zero interest rates.  British Finance Minister Rishi Tsunak has offered companies to pay employees basic wages of up to three months to prevent employee layoffs.  There is also a proposal to return the income of up to three months to artisans and workmen from home.  Instead of collecting tax from the people, the US government is going to give them $ 1200 sitting at home and $ 500 to their children.  That is, the Corona virus has forced governments operating on the principles of Adam Smith to follow the principles of John Maynard Keynes.  But economists believe that there is only one relief, which can extract from the vortex of recession - the drug of the Corona virus, for the development of which Europe.  Thirty companies from China and USA are working.  By the way, there is frustration all around, it is not like that.  These odd circumstances have also awakened the sleeping consciousness of the society.

Europe battling the Corona virus

 Personal freedom
Despite being accustomed to personal freedom, people are following the restrictions imposed by governments, with few exceptions.  In Sweden, the government has not had to impose restrictions.  People themselves are taking precaution.  In Britain, the government had appealed to two and a half million people to volunteer for health workers engaged in patient care.  In response, three and a half million people came forward for help.  People are helping to provide ration-water to the elderly.  In the evening, at the appointed time, standing in the windows and clapping for the health workers.  In Italy and Spain people play music and sing songs.  Meanwhile, a 26-year-old school teacher in London, Sarah Hall, has succumbed to the Karona virus despite suffering from diabetes, lung and liver diseases.  While a 102-year-old woman named Italica Grodona in the Italian city of Genoa has defeated the infection.  Somebody has said - Strictness is increasing.

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