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Pawer of Gamma ray

Gamma ray is done.

 Did you know that there is such a thing in the universe that neither is born nor ever dies.  it is everywhere.  And every thing has present.  From an atom to a Galaxy , it exists in all.  And without this we cannot even imagine the universe.  I am talking about energy that exists in every thing.  Without which our universe would not exist, nor could we ever be born without this universe.  This simple-looking energy moves this universe in meditation.  You can not produce it even by wishing it.  And neither can kill.  Just send it from one place to another or change it.  What you know about energy or read in books is just a page.  Actually energy is such a mysterious and strange thing.  You will be surprised if you know on further reading.

 You only know that energy can neither be made.  And neither can be eliminated.  It can be changed from one form to another.
 Our scientists measure it in jule.  Which is only one unit of energy.  In which there is so much energy in a zool, winning is when a coin is dropped by a miter.
 Talking about energy, you can heat one gram of dry air from one joule to one degree celcius.  Apart from this, you can make power from one joule to one watt for one second.  We hope that now that you have understood this unit of energy then let us see its world further.

 Now I take you to an AC world where even one thousand trillion times less energy is used than this energy.  Let us start with Suru first.  From 0 joules.

 0 joule
 This is the stage where there is no energy, if you think that 0 joules can be there.  So it is impossible.  Each object of the universe has energy.  Whether it is an ellctron or an empty space inside the atom, energy remains everywhere.  So it is not possible to have 0 joules.

 A proton is a particle of light that produces only one 0 joule of energy.  Which works on many Firikoniasis.  He keeps many trillions and trillions times less energy inside a jugular energy on a Heart's Firikoyanashi.  Which is about 6.626 × 10 Power-34 Joules.  This is the lowest energy of this universe.  Now the same proton is on a radius of a mega hatred on a radio, then the power of 6.626 × 10 is within it - power of 28 joules.  And when the same proton comes out of the microbe in the microbe, 1.6 × 10 of the power - 27j of energy.  This energy of our earlier
 It is ten billion times more than prorotone but 10 lakh billion, billion, billion times less than a zool.  Let's move this aspect of energy further.  And know that our visible light is the light that we can see.  How much is his energy  According to the modification, in a proton of our visible light that energy is formed.  The power in 5.0 × 10 is -19 joules, which is 100 million trillion times less than one joule.  After this we go.  Towards the atom.

 Inside the Atom, towards the existing Ilktron which has power of 14 × power of 8.2 × 10.  Which is 1 lakh times more than the proton of our light.  Rest mass energy of proton and neutron is 1.5 × 10 with power -10 Joules.  Which is 10 thousand times more than Ilktron's energy.  After this, a mosquito generates 1 thousand times more energy than the energy of protons.  And at the same time, 10 million times more than this energy and 10 times less energy than one joule i.e. 0.11 joule produces a coin of ten rupees when falling from the height of 1 meter.  This was a scale of energy less than a joule.  In which we go to the lowest energy of the universe.

 Now we are going to take this energy further.  In which we are going to know about the strength of the most frightening bombs of the universe, ranging from the energy of the Sun to the collision of a nuclear bomb and a meteorite, and the energy and strength of the entire universe.  So get ready for a completely different journey.

 You already know this  How much energy does one joule have.  If we get energy equal to four joules of energy from this energy, then it is equal to one calorie.  How much energy is required of every human being and how much he is able to give his food to him.  All this is done in Kellori.  10 Joules of energy will be found in the capacitor on the camera.  And 50 Joules of energy is found in the most dangerous cosmic ray of the universe discovered so far.  In cosmic rays, there is a proton of high energy.  Which travels almost equal to the speed of the light of the universe.  For 50 joules of energy, this cosmic ray is about a trillion times more dangerous than a normal chemical.  And destroys the magnetic field of any planet in some time.  If it warms you, you will feel as energized as a ball thrown at a speed of 90 kg.  If you are getting each other and you are given a total energy of 300 Joules of that same sex then you can get very bad condition.  In a single single proton, there is less than one joule of energy, but if you increase it to 300 joules of energy, it becomes fatal.  By increasing the same amount of energy, we make 600 joules.  With this much energy, you can burn a flashlight of 10 watts for 1 minute.  With the same eight-eight joule energy, you can make an 80 kg man jump up to one meter in the air.  And 14 hundred joules is the energy emanating from the Sun.  Which we do for one second in a square meter area on Earth.  1800 kJ of kinetic energy, you may feel frustrated in a pill emanating from M416 rifle.  With 2300 joules of energy, you can convert one gram of water into steam.  And this gives two times the energy ie 4200 joule of one gram TNT bomb explodes.  The unit of TNT is later used in nuclear bombs.  9000 Joules or 9kg Joules is in a cell running in your remote.  The speed of 90 km from a joule running on a 500k joule highway makes you kinetic energy.  Which is made when the vehicle is running.  This energy occurs on the earth's collision of a gram.  After this, 4.2M joule of 1kg TNT is the energy released on the forehead.

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