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Lessons teaching epidemic
Lessons teaching epidemic

 The coronation of Corona that we are facing is reminding us of human limitations and also telling us that life does not go the way we make plans for it.

 When the whole humanity is struggling with a disaster, then in the exercise of penning the lessons related to it, my attention first goes to the insignificance of man in front of nature.  When man claimed to establish suzerainty on earth, then nature intervened and showed him his status.  Our collective inability against the corona virus has exposed the polemic of bigoted assumptions about the limits of human capabilities.  The lesson about the Kovid - 19 epidemic that has arisen from the corona virus is that man is helpless in front of nature and when nature teaches a lesson, it has a lesson for the entire human race.  Kovid-19 is another big lesson for the stable society and the future about which assurance is a necessary condition for security and progress.  The pace with which the global deadlock has occurred due to this epidemic has raised questions about the foundation of the global system.  Just like we are shaken by remembering the imperatives of environmental balance in the system of nature on which there can be no argument.  The corona virus reminds that human suffering cannot be divided.  It shows the effect on all and we are not alone connected to it.  Just as poverty and dignity are concerned, justice and compassion also reflect the quality of a society.  We have learned again that fraternity, human closeness and friendship are still alive and that humanity becomes stronger and stronger during a crisis.  More important, the grave threat to humanity further deepens our faith in prayer and our sense of solidarity, especially against a threat that does not discriminate in its grip.  If the spirit of humanity is effective, no one can remain a spectacle in a great war against an epidemic.  This tragedy is also forcing us to ask ourselves whether we should keep in tune with the GDP figure or should we instead pursue the path of gross national happiness?  Undoubtedly, economic growth and material prosperity also have their own role in increasing happiness, but should this be the main measure for measuring human well-being?  Whatever has been achieved by the physical progress and the vast technological changes in known human history, how much work is being done in our time of crisis?  This should make us rethink our strategy for a shared future, especially with regard to globalization, whether this is the most important stream of global change.  Countries unequal in economic, political and technical power cannot contribute equally in terms of multi-layered steps in establishing an international system.  We also have to accept that the future of globalization will be determined by what it achieves for the underprivileged sections of the world.  Even if something is to be achieved, a proper investigation on globalization should be done on the aspect of how much incentive should be given to uncontrolled mass system by moral pressure in the exercise of rights in the polity.  At the same time a debate will begin about our constitutional institutions and the process of enriching them over the years in which these institutions were further enriched over time so that the foundation of a liberal democratic state would be protected.  Overall, the tragedy we are facing reminds us of the limits of human imagination and also tells us that life does not go the way we plan for it.  As the leader of the nation in this era of despair and despair, the Prime Minister is expected to understand the mood of the country and give it the right direction.  He should orient the citizens to participate in the success of the steps taken by the government.  Along with the steps taken to stop the spread of Corona virus infection, the government has taken reliable and adequate steps for the deprived people who have neither work nor food and drink and no homes.  Also emotional insecurity due to.  In such a situation, it will be necessary that no compromise should be made with the dignity of the people in implementing government decisions.  Government strictness and police behavior against the helpless people against hunger is going to sabotage the soul of the country.  A nation aspiring for freedom and dignity cannot let its citizens die on this or that.  We must not forget that their dignity is wired daily in the struggle of life.  Its solution is a tough challenge before any constitutional state.  Any attempt to strike our collective dignity will be reprehensible for the entire nation as well as its spiritual heritage.  This is a time for leadership to call for moral courage and human dignity.  It is the responsibility of the Prime Minister to ensure that all the resources of the Indian state are properly utilized and that the lives of the people of the country will be protected with fair dignity.  The underlying rationality of our social engagement must also be confirmed that the nation is always ready for its citizens.  In the current environment, the entire country is united with the Prime Minister.  Promotional politics would be the most appropriate national response at the time of this disaster.  We know that there is no theory in history that teaches us to interpret the past, solve the present and assess the future, but we can only hope that the world after Kovid - 19 will be better.  It is also expected that the new international system will be more humane in which peace.  And the concepts like co-existence should not be the thoughts of mere imagination.

 Sunny Leone and Daniel dance for children in lockdown
  Most people have been in their homes for the last several days.  Sunny Leone is also spending time at home with her husband and three children.  But she came downstairs to her building with the family for something.  She has shared a video in which Sunny and her husband Danielle take the children in a trolley.  He starts dancing to entertain his children.  Sunny wrote that we are trying to keep the energy of children at a high level.  Children have been in the building for several days.  Me and Danielhar are trying their best every day.  Danielle's dance is the best.

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