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Rafael fighter aircraft all Information


What is Rafael?

 Rafale is a Twin-Engine Canard - Delta wing Miltirole fighter aircraft.  Which is created by The Solt Abcaion, a French company.  This aircraft was intorduse in the year 2001 and the aircraft is considered one of the most powerful aircraft in the world.  This aircraft is capable of air supermacy in - Depth strike, Anti ship Strike Nuclear Depterrence Missions.

Which example makes Rafael fatal?

 The first flight was Rafale's 4th July 1986 to 19 May 1991 for Demo with its French Twin-Engine.  It is Multirole fighter air craft.  This Air Fighter Aircraft is designed and built by the Company of Dust Attack Aviation.  The firepower of this aircraft is up to 3700 km.  The cost to build this aircraft has come to about US $ 62.7 billion.  The aircraft is powered by the Snecm M88, Turbo fan engine.  Rafael becomes deadly due to these weapons.  The names of these weapons are written below.

What kind of weapon is Rafael armed with?

 Rafael is a fighter aircraft.  It is equipped with many different types of weapons.  The weapon Rafael is armed with.  His name is something like this.

Machine guns, which are engaged in the hard point of the Rafale aircraft, so that if a fighter comes to attack from the front, he has to defend himself by attacking it.

Guided bomb

 These bombs are used in such area.  Where enemies are armed with their groups and weapons and go to the border.  Then Rafael drops this bomb and kills enemies and Tanco.  Do not use missile in such area because missile is used in large mission. It also costs a lot of money to build missile.  That is why in such areas only the small blister is used.  One special thing about this bomb is that you can also control this bomb.  And by striking a stick at the enemy, he kills the enemy.  Only the pilots sitting in the aircraft can control this bomb.

The Scalp missile has a range of 560 km.  This Missile is so deadly that you can drop this missile without going into enemy territory.  The good thing about this missile is that it is a missile dipursuger.  Due to this, the enemy's radar is unable to see this missile.  Because this missile flies down.  In the hilly region, the middle of the hills are released.  And the enemy's radar is unable to track it.  This missile strikes the enemy very quickly.  Does not give the enemy time to think.  Pilot can control this missile on its own.  If the pilot does not control this missile, then Rafale fighter aircraft are fitted with automatic and automatic guides the missile.  This missile is also known as Stone Sedo.  This missile is Air to surface missile.

The Hammer missile is the copy of Scalp missile.  The only difference between these two missiles is that the hammer missile has a range of up to 70 km.  The Scalp missile has a range of 560 km.  It is both missile depurcurator.  Both missiles can be controlled.  Hammer missile number 4 in Rafale fighter aircraft.  Because of the low range of this missile, the weight of this missile is also less.  The full name of this missile is HIGHLY AGILE MODULAR.

The Meteor missile is meant to strike from air to air.  If a fighter aircraft comes to attack Rafael, Rafael has a Meteor missile to avoid it.  This missile has a range of 100 km.  Pilot cannot see as far as possible.  It is capable of killing enemy aircraft over a longer distance.

The Mica missile is only a short form of the Meteor missile.  This missile has a range of up to 80 km.  What makes a missile deadly these days.  These missiles have a speed of up to 4 mech.  4 make means four times the speed of sound.  An aircraft is capable of flying at most 2.5 to 3 mech.  If both these missiles chase any aircraft or missile to attack, then that missile or aircraft cannot escape and escape from these missiles.  Because the speed of these missiles is so high that many aircraft or missiles can escape from these missiles.  No aircraft or missile can defeat these missiles, only hypersonic missiles can defeat these missiles.

Nuclear weapon also plays an important role in making Rafale aircraft a Saktisali aircraft.  The aircraft is also capable of carrying nuclear weapons.  The maximum speed of this aircraft is stated to be 1,389 km / h.  This fighter aircraft is capable of flying to a height of 60,000 ft in 1 minute.  The Rafale fighter aircraft is a 4.5 Generation aircraft.  This aircraft can easily carry a load of 24,000 kg.  This aircraft can fill around 17,000 letter fuel.  Rafale fighter aircraft have 2 to 3 extra fuel tanks to overcome the problem of fuel.  Whenever this aircraft was attacked by the enemy and ran away, then by dropping these fuel tanks, they could run faster.  The aircraft has a maximum range of up to 3,700 km.  The weight of the Rafale fighter aircraft is 9,979 kg.


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